WREXHAM has well and truly become a place for celeb-spotting over the last three years or so.

The takeover of the club by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in early 2021 has put the football club and the city itself on the world map.

Interest in the club has arguably never been so high with new fans now supporting the Reds from countries like Canada, Brazil, Iceland and many more.

And many celebrities have been jumping aboard the Wrexham train too with the likes of Paul Rudd, Hugh Jackman and Will Ferrell all having visited last year.

But, what about those who haven't yet graced the Wrexham ground?

Here are just five celebs who could be set for a visit to Wrexham at some point this year (or in the near future!).

Danny DeVito

The Leader: Hollywood star Danny DeVito (Pic by PA).

Some of Wrexham co-owner Rob's fellow It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia cast members joined him at the STok Cae Ras last season.

Rob's wife Kaitlin Olson, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton were all in Wrexham for a 3-0 win over Yeovil Town in April 2023.

DeVito, who plays Frank Reynolds in the show, was not with them that night but has previously been part of a video alongside the cast, showing their support for Wrexham.

And a trip to town in the near future may not be so surprising for the legendary actor given his close connection to Rob.

Taylor Swift

The Leader:

PIC: Taylor Swift, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds at the NFL match (Adam Hunger/AP/PA).

This might sound a little far-fetched on paper, but it's a case of never say never when it comes to Wrexham these days.

Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively were spotted enjoying an NFL game alongside music icon Swift last year.

Wrexham's Humphrey Ker has also previously talked about her coming to visit.

That followed on from a rumour that was circulating back in April of last year that she had in fact popped into The Turf pub. 

It turned out that it was actually Paul Rudd who visited that day - but it's not too silly to suggest that Swift may make an appearance in future given her love of sports and friendship with Ryan and Blake.


Chris Pratt

The Leader: Pic by PA shows Chris Pratt.

Last year, Rob McElhenney surprised friend and fellow Wrexham AFC chairman Ryan with his very own memorial park.

The 'Ryan Rodney Reynolds' park is expected to be unveiled in Wrexham later this year.

Actor Chris Pratt took part in a hilarious video to announce that news alongside Rob.

The fact that the Marvel star was willing to participate in such a thing may just suggest that he could have a soft spot for Wrexham.

Paul Hollywood

The Leader:

PIC: Ryan Reynolds with The Great British Bake Off judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood. (Image: @VanCityReynolds/Twitter)

Another one which sounds a little crazy at first, but stick with us!

Ryan and wife Blake are said to be huge fans of The Great British Bake Off show which Hollywood co-presents.

Last year, the Wrexham co-chairman posed for pictures alongside Hollywood and Prue Leith.

Hollywood himself is a football fan and a Liverpool supporter so, you never know, he may just get an invite from Ryan to the STok Cae Ras someday.

John Krasinski

The Leader: Pic by PA shows John Krasinski.

In late 2022, Ryan starred alongside Will Ferrell in the film 'Spirited'.

A few months later, the star of films like 'Elf' and 'Step Brothers' surprised fans by popping into The Turf in Wrexham and watching a match at the STok Cae Ras.

Later this year, Ryan is set to appear on our screens in a film called 'IF', that is all about imaginary friends.

Also starring in that is The Office US legend John Krasinski (Jim Halpert).

Could he and Ryan have discussed all things Wrexham whilst filming for that we wonder?

Spirited with Ferrell led to appearance