THE LEAD singer of a now world-famous band, formed in Wrexham, has said it would be a 'dream' to play in front of a sell-out STok Cae Ras.

These days, the pop-punk band Neck Deep is a household name all around the world.

They have released four albums since forming in 2012 and have toured the USA supporting the likes of Blink-182 and Lil Wayne along the way.

They have over 3.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, with their top hit 'Wish You Were Here', racking up over 129 million plays.

2023 was another success story for the band who racked up 213 million streams and 14.7 million listeners from 182 countries worldwide in that year alone.

Now, 2024 is already starting with a bang with a US headline tour just around the corner and a new self-titled album out just last week.

But, despite all that, the band's hearts remain very much at home in Wrexham, as lead singer Ben Barlow and guitarist Matt West revealed in an interview with NME Magazine.


Asked by the presenter; "Do you feel the buzz when you go home?", Ben said: "Yeah massively. Definitely feel the buzz for sure. Like, for the first time ever, there's like some positivity about Wrexham.

"For the first time ever you could say 'Oh in ten years Wrexham may have grown into a bigger city' or like 'We'll just have a better reputation'.

"And you know the football team could be this or that, whereas you haven't been able to say that about Wrexham since the mines closed."

The presenter then says; 'You guys are the forefront of the Wrexham music scene in a way', to which Matt West replies with "Tell Ryan and Rob!"

This was followed by; 'Racecourse Ground when?'

Ben said: "That always been the aim, like you know, we've always said we'd rather do the Racecourse over Wembley.

"We've played Wembley a few times and, it's like, yeah Wembley would obviously be awesome and it's a milestone and it's a great thing but it'd be so much cooler to be like the hometown band that sells out the Racecourse.

"It would be unreal and it is big, like a big ground. So yeah, that would be the dream."

Neck Deep's US headline tour in support of the self-titled album kicks off in Nashville on January 25 and wraps up in Chicago on February 25.

Gigs in Brooklyn, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas, and more will be held along the way.

The band was originally formed in Wrexham eleven years ago and its current members are; Ben Barlow (lead vocals), Matt West (rhythm guitar), Sam Bowden (backing guitar) and Seb Barlow (bass guitar).

One of their greatest hits is 'Can't Kick Up The Roots', which is an ode to their days spent in Wrexham.

The May Bank Holiday gigs with headliners Kings of Leon last year proved just how successful shows at the Racecourse can be.

The American rock legends were joined by local legends Declan Swans and former Stereophonics man Kelly Jones' Far From Saints for an unforgettable weekend of tunes that weekend.

The double-header of gigs attracted 30,000 people to Wrexham.

So, could 2024 be the year that Neck Deep return to their roots with a STok Cae Ras performance?