WREXHAM has become the home of top celebrities in recent times and the football club's executive director is hoping one in particular will soon make an appearance at the STok Cae Ras.

The likes of Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell and Hugh Jackman have all made appearances at the Reds' home ground since Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney became co-chairmen in February 2021.

Wrexham AFC's popularity has soared through the roof ever since with both the takeover and the Welcome to Wrexham documentary helping put the club on the map worldwide.

Just recently, Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively were spotted enjoying an NFL game alongside music icon Taylor Swift.

Wrexham executive director Humphrey Ker has since spoken to talkSPORT about why he thinks the singer 'owes' him a trip to north Wales in the future.

He said: "I missed our last pre-season game to go and see Taylor Swift in concert. I got a lot of stick for that from everybody but my wife had booked tickets very early on and it was a great surprise and a wonderful thing.”

“In a way she [Taylor Swift] owes us a trip to the Racecourse because I missed work to come and see her."

Ker added that there was a moment last season where he thought Swift may have actually landed in Wrexham.

That was ahead of the eventual National League title-clincher against Boreham Wood, which ended in a 3-1 Wrexham win.


Ker said: "At the end of last season, our final game against Boreham Wood, the game we won to get promoted, one of our fans bounced up to me in the car park beforehand and said ‘I’ve heard Taylor Swift is in The Turf [local pub], is that true?’

“I was like ‘no, no I don’t think so surely I would have heard about that by now?’ I walked on about ten more yards and I was like ‘Is Taylor Swift in The Turf? I don’t know. Can I justifiably go and check?’

"She wasn’t but Paul Rudd was in The Turf – a very worthy substitute. Antman, it’s always good to have an Avenger in your football club if you can get one."