Ryan Reynolds has described buying Wrexham as one of the greatest and worst things that has ever happened to him. 

Speaking on Good Morning America, alongside Wrexham AFC co-owner Rob McElhenney, Reynolds was discussing his time as co-owner. 

The pair were promoting their documentary, Welcome to Wrexham. 

The Hollywood duo completed their purchase of the club in February 2021, after officially declaring their interest in September 2020. 

Ryan didn't hold back when discussing how much Wrexham AFC has had an effect on him. 

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He said: "We didn't know anything about the sport, now we're obsessed with it, it's a living, breathing, screaming nightmare for me.  

"Now, I love this sport so much that I hate it.

"(On buying the club) It's one of the greatest things that's ever happened to me and genuinely one of the worst."

The pair were also quizzed on the Wrexham community, with Ryan saying that was one of the focuses of the documentary.

He said: "Our show focuses on the Wrexham community as much as it does the club and as much as it does our experience trying or attempting to run this club with having no previous experience."

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Rob added: "We have been so respectful all the way through the process, recognising where our place is as an American and a Canadian coming into their community, we recognise we had to tread very lightly. 

"The history is insane, the stadium which we just purchased was built when Thomas Jefferson was the president."