The kindness of one of Wrexham's co-owners left the mum of a 13-year-old battling cancer, close to tears. 

Sarah Waller, the mum of Aiden Waller, has described the 'down-to-earth' nature of Wrexham's Hollywood owners after spending the day as a guest in their box. 

Ryan Reynolds invited Aiden Waller and his family to join him at Wrexham's recent home game against Maidstone United. 

Aiden, who along with his family live in Essex, is currently battling bone cancer and one of his main wishes was to meet the Deadpool star. 

Thanks to the help of Sharon Thomas from Wrexham AFC, Ryan got in touch with Aiden and asked him to spend the afternoon with him at the Racecourse Ground. 

After undergoing his most recent bout of chemotherapy, Aiden and his family travelled up to North Wales and were given a very warm welcome by Ryan and co-partner Rob McElhenney. 

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Sarah said: "We were welcomed like family, it was just little simple acts of kindness that they didn't have to do, it made me want to cry. 

"Ryan invited Aiden down to the front row of seats to sit next to him for the game, it was just little things like that, that make the difference. 

"He, Rob and Rob's family were all amazing, we couldn't fault any of them, they were all so down to earth."

Following the game, Aiden went down onto the pitch with Ryan and had his picture taken with a few of the players, including Super Paul Mullin. 

The Leader: Aiden Waller (left) with Paul Mullin and Ryan Reynolds. (Pic:VancityReynolds)Aiden Waller (left) with Paul Mullin and Ryan Reynolds. (Pic:VancityReynolds) (Image: VancityReynolds)

The Deadpool star has already discussed the possibility of Aiden and his family joining him again. 

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Sarah added: "Ryan thanked us for visiting, which again was something he didn't need to do. 

"He was so, so kind and he's invited us back, we can't wait to go back."

Sarah is currently fundraising in an attempt to take Aiden to Disneyland Florida, which is Aiden's biggest wish. 

To visit the fundraising page, visit here