Welcome to Wrexham has been a must-see for any Reds fan since Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds took over the club - but it's one not to be missed for many more than that. 

The way the pair set out their journey means it's a must-watch for anyone and everyone with an interest in an underdog story. 

Even if you're not a football fan, there are parts of the documentary that will have you hooked, from the story of Wrexham to the well-known local faces including the Leader sports reporter Rich Williams.

The FX series gives behind-the-scenes access to the takeover and everything else that follows, which just leaves you wanting more. 

Being from Wrexham, (and getting a sneak preview of the series) it is surreal to see my hometown in the spotlight, as will be the feeling for many a viewer watching it. 

When the Hollywood pair announced their interest in purchasing Wrexham AFC, most were left with the question, 'why Wrexham?', and rightly so. 

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But Welcome to Wrexham goes a long way to answering that. 

It combines comedy, ambition and the desperation for it to succeed from everyone involved and it is also far from the Rob and Ryan show.

While it understandably has large parts involving them, the makeup of the series is much more similar to Sunderland 'Til I Die, as opposed to the Amazon All or Nothing series. 

The Wrexham community features heavily and the documentary highlights the desperation for hope and change prior to the Hollywood arrival. 

The town's passion for the football club is one of the key focuses of the documentary and rightly so. 

Wrexham AFC means everything and more to the people and community and when Wrexham are winning, the town is happy. 

The pair are painted as saviours, but considering the change in fortunes Wrexham as a town/city has had since they came in, you can't really argue with that. 

The buzz around Wrexham since their takeover has been like nothing I've ever seen before. I can't remember Wrexham being this excited about what the future holds, this excitement is captured in spades in the documentary.

McElhenney and Reynolds are their usual witty selves throughout, but it is clear to see the jokes are at the expense of themselves and the situation they find themselves in, rather than the town or the club. 

The insight is fascinating to see how the world of two Hollywood A-listers collide with the community of Wrexham, and there are plenty of scenes that demonstrate the severe contrast. 

The Leader: Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds.Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds.

What the pair have done for Wrexham so far is nothing short of amazing, not only from the heavy investment in players, the Racecourse and surrounding areas, which is well documented, but to the small actions they make to show what the club and town means to them. 

There are 14 episodes for me still to watch, but after seeing the first two, I'm even more excited to see how the story plays out.

Episode One and Two premiere on Disney+ tomorrow.