Wrexham was on a worldwide stage last week after the premiere of the first two episodes of Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds' documentary, and it will be again this week too. 

Welcome to Wrexham premiered its first two episodes last week, which documented the start of the Hollywood pairs' journey with Wrexham AFC. 

It covered the initial takeover attempt and the first few months as owners, before a disappointing end to the season. 

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Episodes three and four are released today on Disney+, which focuses on a rebuild, mentioned by Ryan Reynolds at the end of episode one and the first home game of the new season. 

The show seems to have gone down well so far, but what did we learn from episodes three and four? 

Episode three

1. Shaun Harvey

Wrexham's strategic advisor gets introduced as he discusses his plans to help Rob and Ryan deal with the running of the football club. 

2. New Chief Executive

Wrexham AFC's CEO Fleur Robinson is also introduced in episode three following her arrival from Burton Albion. 

However, that could be the last you see of the CEO in the documentary, as her involvement in the docu-series appear to be very limited. 

3. 100 applications

When Dean Keates was relieved of his duties following the disappointing end to the previous campaign, the Reds were not short of applicants to fill the void. 

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The club received over 100 managerial applications for the job, but there was only one man the Hollywood owners wanted. 

4. 90-minute phone calls

After originally turning the club down, Phil Parkinson needed persuading by Rob to join the project at Wrexham

The documentary shows a scene where Rob and Phil have a 90-minute phone call in which the Always Sunny star tries to convince Parkinson to take charge of the Reds. 

He certainly got his man. 

The Leader: Paul Mullin. (Gemma Thomas).Paul Mullin. (Gemma Thomas).

5. Super Paul Mullin

Welcome to Wrexham shows how the club went about trying to secure the signing of Paul Mullin.

Ryan and Rob are in shock after hearing his goal tally from the previous campaign, which is where the love affair started. 

Despite Shaun Harvey not expecting the deal to go through, Ryan and Rob certainly got their man (again). 

Episode four

1. Pre-season

Viewers get an insight as preparation for the first full season under Hollywood ownership. 

Phil Parkinson and his staff put the players through their paces ready for the new campaign. 

2. Expensive grass

The pitch at the Racecourse was relayed during the off-season in an attempt to improve the playing surface. 

However, it didn't all go to plan. Leaving Ryan and Rob to put their hands in their pockets to fix the issue, at some price too. 

3. Support

The bond between the club and community is a key part of Welcome to Wrexham. 

Episode four highlights how strong a part the club can play in people's lives. 

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4. Notts County

The main focus for episode four is the first home game of the season against Notts County. 

Will everything go as planned? Will Wrexham get their first win? How will the new players fit in?

5. Parky's team talks

More so perhaps for Wrexham fans than the casual viewer, who will be excited at the prospect of getting a glimpse at Phil Parkinson's messages inside the dressing room. 

Episode four gives the first glimpse of his rallying calls, but just you wait for episode five...