The much-anticipated Welcome to Wrexham documentary premieres today and people from all over the world will be tuning in to watch. 

Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds' takeover of Wrexham AFC shocked the world back in 2020 and everything that has happened since has been caught on camera and compiled into this documentary. 

The first two episodes have been released in the UK today on Disney+ and here is what people have been saying about it.

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NME rated it 4/5 and said that the Hollywood pair scored a blinder with their new doc. 

Chicago Sun-Times gave it 4.5/5 and said Welcome to Wrexham 'is one of the most fascinating, endearing, sometimes hilarious, and eminently watchable docuseries of the year.'

Consequence TV added: "Welcome to Wrexham has set itself up to turn in one of the more engaging, down-to-earth, funny sports stories in recent memory."

From what people have seen in the early stages, the show appears to have hit the back of the net. 

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But what did we learn from episodes one and two? 

Episode one

1. Villains 

In a fascinating opening scene, which shows the pair visiting the Racecourse for the first time, there is a conversation between them both where they discuss things going wrong and becoming villains. 

It's safe to say that this isn't the case so far. 

2. The idea 

The first episode shows where the idea to buy Wrexham AFC came from. McElhenney discusses his love for the Philadelphia Eagles and how he was fascinated with the promotion and relegation in English football. 

After feeling a connection with the town and the people of Wrexham, the decision was made that the Reds were the club for them. 

3. Money

In a typically comedic fashion, Rob discusses his dreams of owning a football club, but realised how expensive it was going to be. 

He jokes that he has 'TV money' but that's not enough to buy a football club. 

'I needed movie star money... more than that I needed superhero movie star money.' 

Guess that's where Deadpool came in. 

4. Pre-zoom nerves

The WST meeting, where the Hollywood duo delivered their mission statement to the trust is caught on camera. 

It shows Ryan and Rob practicing their speeches and how they want to come across to the board. 

The pair were very nervous about whether or not their bid would be successful. 

It was only 98 percent of trust members that said 'yes'. 

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5. The Turf

Wayne Jones features heavily in episode one of Welcome to Wrexham

The Turf owner comes across really well as he discusses his love for the community and the football club. 

That passion is a hallmark of the documentary as a number of local faces tell their stories of what Wrexham AFC means to them. 

Episode two

1. Meeting

You'd think that if you were making a multi-million-pound investment into buying a football club, you'd know the person well enough before you did it. 

Not for Rob and Ryan, episode two captures the moment the pair meet in person for the first time at a film studio in Los Angeles. 

The Leader: Welcome to WrexhamWelcome to Wrexham

2. Changes 

Once the takeover has been completed and the pair have done their Ifor Williams Trailers promo, the documentary switches to how the football club is changing. 

Humphrey Ker gets his first look at the Racecourse, Shaun Harvey is introduced and players and staff get used to the new ownership. 

3. Reality of football

Parts of episode two focus on the harsh realities of lower league football including short-term contracts and the uncertainty of where you'll be playing year on year. 

Paul Rutherford and Jordan Davies discuss their careers. 

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4. Early starts 

McElhenney is seen getting up at 4am to watch a game from his home in America. 

The Always Sunny creator is joined by one of his sons to watch Wrexham take on Dagenham and Redbridge on the final day of the season. 

We all know how that one went...

5. Rebuild

Following the disappointment of that game, Rob and Ryan are seen having a phone call where they discuss their hate of losing and things not working. 

Ryan also hints at a need for a rebuild, which is where the episode is left ahead of next week's release.