WREXHAM AFC is well and truly in the spotlight, and has become a passion for legions of new fans around the world.

But the club has been the home of memories for many long-time supporters for decades.

A recent photo shared into the Leader's 'Local Bygones' Facebook group, certainly helped score a few memorable moments.

Did you miss?

The image, from the Leader archives, is of the Racecourse ground, in April 1969.

It was a much smaller affair back then, and features the iconic floodlights.

Here's what some of the group members had to say...

Simon Meade: "My dad took me there February 1958, 1-1 against Bradford. Went many times until I joined the Army in 1968. Although I'm a Leeds fan I still follow Wrecsam results and I hope one day to return one last time."

Bill Catherall: "1965 my first game, hooked ever since."

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William Jackson: "Remember the boys' pen in the early 60s but also remember the very hot pork pies, very tasty but had to be careful as so hot you could burn your mouth. How lucky we were in those days."

David Jackson: "I remember being on the Kop as a young boy at night matches looking over to the Tech seeing lights on, wondering what they were doing. I was a student there in those rooms. Now retired and still a season ticket holder. How the times roll on but the love for the place stay true."

Joe Tidy: "Stood about there for the first international, Wales v Scotland, sadly the Scots won 5-3."

Mike Harper: "We had season tickets right above the players' entrance for 1965/66 and 1966/67 seasons."

Andrea MacDonald: "This was the ground I first went to, probably from the same vantage point too."

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Colin Edwards: "I first went in 1963 at the age of eight with my dad and remember it well. Remember the good and the bad years. My dad passed away 13 years ago at the age of 81 but I still go and I'm now 68. Come on you Reds!"

Nigel Robinson: "I've stood on every side of that ground when it was like that, as a fierce rival."

Keith Richards: "Started watching in 1967, Wrexham fans would change ends at half time."

Neil Williams: "Saw my first match there the following month, May 3, the home international - Wales 3 Scotland 5. Still got the ticket stub along with the programme."

Alan Atkinson: "First went about 1956/7, loved the boys' pen then graduated to Mold end corner of now Yale stand, then eventually to the Kop. Now just glad to get a seat anywhere."

Janet Williams: "Not sure how old I was or who Wrecsam were playing but what I do remember, it was the night the floodlights were switched on."

Nigel Davies: "My dad took me for the first time around this time. Great memories of dad and son time."

Mike Artell: "Started in 1963/64 in the wooden stands by the players' entrance. Until my dad had to pay for me and we moved to the paddock where the Yale stand is now where I sat on the wall. Some great memories. Ian Moir was my hero."