SHARING images from the Leader archives, often sparks a host of memories.

In the Leader's 'Local Bygones' Facebook group, there are often images of streets, shops and transport.

Many of the businesses are now gone, and the roads look very different these days but the group's members love to reminisce.

Here we look at a few recent photos and memories that have been shared...

King Street, Wrexham, 1965.

King Street, Wrexham, 1965.

Alun Jones: "Brutalist looking buildings. Didn't really come to our notice when youngsters. The coffee bar and Fairways were much more important to us!"

Hilary Clutton: "I remember the owner Hilton Bowen. My father Cyril Clutton had his business at 33 King Street during the 1950/1960."

Anne Ellis: "Had our wedding reception there in March 1963."

George Edwards: "Started work after school, in Wrexham Scooters, Bill Baron was in charge. I then went down to the workshop, just at the back of the fire station. Worked on Lambretta, Vespa, and loads of Honda. Great times."

Alexandra Hollinshead: "I can remember Phase One records in the 80s/90s there."

Jill Roberts: "We bought our first bedroom suite from Hylton and Bowen."

Swag menswear in Mold, 1978,

Swag menswear in Mold, 1978,

Clive Youd-hedges: "That's the year I started working in swag May 17, 1978, lovely memories I worked in swag for 18 years."

Louise Hayes: "My husband recalls buying Chris Soames jeans from there."

Ste Davies: "Miss that shop, Kim was great."

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Martin Howatson: "Loved swag. Go there most Saturday mornings to buy Martinique or Part Two and any other decent clobber.

"Can't remember the guy's name who owned but always look after me and my mates with a decent discount."

Crosville in Wrexham, June 1969.

Crosville in Wrexham, June 1969.

Crosville in Wrexham, June 1969.

Crosville in Wrexham, June 1969.

Diana Clements-Daly: "I miss not seeing the Crosville buses, I used to love the little Dragon ones in Rhyl."

Pauline Norgrove: "I used to go to the canteen here when I was in the tech, we would go and play darts and get a French stick with ham on it, it was cheaper than eating in the tech."

Paul Walsh: "Remember these buses coming through Buckley, on route to Chester. When I was 14-years-old, never imagined I'd find myself working for London Transport at 21-years-old as a driver. My dad was also a bus driver for Ribble in Liverpool."

Roger Llywelyn Henderson: "My neighbour was Gerald Steen who wrote the book about Wrexham trams and buses. He was an inspector and a great authority on the subject. A gentleman."

Ron Roberts: "Remember it well, great times, best canteen in all of Crosville. And not forgetting engineering, Ken Allen and Sarge."

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Karen Messham: "My husband Peter Messham worked as a mechanic there for many a year until the depot sadly closed."

Karen J Raleigh: "My uncle Les used to clean the buses. He found a lot of weird and wonderful things on them!"

Mark Wright: "My dad Benjamin Wright worked there. He used to bring home rolls of bus tickets for us. He also had his bike demolished by a bus, fortunately he wasn't on it."

Ron Unsworth: "I knew most of the workers there, drivers, cleaners, mechanics and office staff. I worked there for 25 years."

Hayley Jane: "My grandad Fred Churchman was a driver, and my nan Betty worked in the canteen."

Gwilym Brown: "I worked on the buses from there in the 70s as a conductor, had a great club for a few drinks after work and game of snooker."

John Moore: "Not Wrexham but worked for Crosville out of the Mold depot 1968-ish. First proper job as a bus conductor, only 18 but some great characters - Harry Spitfire, a driver who served in the war, on the way back from Birkenhead the bus was late, driver wanting not to miss the last pint drove past all to get to the pub. Happy days."

Bryan Pritchard: "My uncle was Tom Evans (mechanic), he could tell the type of bus by the sound of its engine."

Brian Jauncey: "What a lot of memories this brings back, some good, some bad and some that can't be mentioned. Big slice of my life spent there, could write a book but it wouldn't get published!"