My knowledge of football is limited, and I don't pretend any different.

But one thing I do know, is it's the fans that are the heart and soul of any club, regardless of their league status.

Having worked at the Leader for more than 20 years, I've pretty much had a front row seat to the highs and lows at Wrexham AFC.

And throughout, it's been the passion of generations of fans that has shone, the Red army even stepping in to save their club with their own money.

As most of us are aware (if you're not, where have you been?) there are big changes at the club, and the future looks bright.

And while fans and the town celebrate the boost, spearheaded by 'custodians' Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, I decided to take a little trip down memory lane, asking on Twitter for their most memorable moments at The Racecourse.

If you would like to share a special occasion, memorable moment or photos of your time at the Wrexham ground, email

Here are just a few of the responses...

Bryn (@brynybaal) summed up the real joy of being a part of something: "The back of the Kop inclusivity. It was the first time of my life I saw that it didn't matter where you were from, what colour you were or what you wore.

"If you were willing to sing and shout for the town then you were one of us."

Rob Davies was spoilt for choice but noted a few: "Soooo many memories, as others will have, enough for a special publication!

"7-1 v Rotherham to confirm promotion to 2nd Div in style (Championship); best atmosphere ever 1-0 up v Anderlecht ECWC qtr final , then wonderful swift passing 1-1; heartbreak of losing to Palace and Mansfield in consecutive games, full Kop."

P Mark Williams made a poignant note, saying: "Wales 4 England 1, 1980. Wrexham 3 Boston 1 in final game of 2006-07 to stay in the League.

"But it's not really about individual games/moments for me, it's more about the general sense of belonging and familiarity, and of being enveloped by the atmosphere and excitement."

Glynne Parry: “Wrexham v Hartlepool 1962. Wrexham won 10-1 with hat tricks for 3 players - Ron Barnes, Roy Ambler and Wyn Davies.

“It was snowing, and in the second half it was quite heavy and we were worried that the match might be abandoned. Thankfully it wasn’t.”

Michael Davies said: "A few that jump out... Wrexham 2 - 1 Middlesborough (FA Cup); Wrexham 2 - 1 Kidderminster (Play off); Wrexham 2 - 1 Mansfield (League Glen Little on at H/T to change the game); Wrexham 5 - 1 Salford (League)."

Jeff Mort: “It has to be May 1969, the home international Wales v Scotland, Wales lost five three, the highlight was a bullet header from Ron Davies into the Tech End.

“The power was frightening, the ball hit the back of the net before the goalkeeper moved. I think the goalie was Tommy Lawrence.”

Alun Roberts added: "Think I have many since I have supported Wrexham since 1964, which I’ve just realised was their 100th year, when my father who sadly passed away this time last year took me for the first time.

"A game that stands out for me is the 1992 Emirates FA Cup match against Arsenal, which Wrexham won 2-1 after having been 1-0 down at half time. The mercurial midfield maestro @therealMickeyT scored, as I’d predicted seconds earlier, be sending a bullet of a free kick into the goal."

brendan0865 said: "For me standing there watching games with people that are no longer with us.

"There’s something about standing on the Kop in all types of weather with my dad I will never forget.

"Some memorable games. You only get that feeling when you stand up."

It was a family affair for Jona Devitt's memorable moment: "Boxing Day 2019. My son's first and so far only game. Joined by my dad also

"Might not be the most glamorous of ties but I was joined by two people who mean the world to me."

Huw Wroberts said: "The Fans United game against Bristol I think it was, with protests against Alex Hamilton, and supporters from Brighton and other clubs coming to show their solidarity with us."

Bryn (@BrynLaw) spoke about where it all started for him: "My first ever game on my own on the Kop, Fulham in the old 2nd division. 1-1 draw. A night that opened a door on a whole new world..."

While things may be looking good for the future of the club, it's clearly built on the solid foundation laid by decades of devoted supporters.

And they will no doubt remain the backbone of Wrexham AFC.