FRUSTRATIONS are rising amongst residents in Wrexham over 'inconsiderate' parking on match days. 

Issues over parking near the SToK Cae Ras have been ongoing over the past two years as fans try and find a place to park ahead of the Wrexham game. 

With the current demand for tickets, and the boosted attendances, more than 12,000 fans descend on the Racecourse every other weekend. 

Concerns have previously been raised by residents, with worries over safety, before improvements were reported to have been made on the matter. 

Wrexham's former Police Inspector was also very vocal on the issue during his time in the city. 

Despite the focus on improving the situation, problems are continuing, much to the frustration of nearby residents. 

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous said after the Crawley game on Tuesday (April 9): "Cones were put out tonight on Yale Park and inconsiderate fans are ignoring them and moving them and still parking there.

"This is happening every game and something needs doing as residents are getting fed up of not being able to park near their own properties. 

"If you go out you are afraid you won’t be able to get back on to your drive you can’t have friends or family round as they can’t park!"


A Wrexham Council spokesperson said: “We’re working with our partners to reduce the impact of match day parking on local residents.

"We encourage fans to use public transport and to make use of the city centre car parking on match days.

"If you choose to park near the ground please be mindful of where you do so.”