BUSINESS owners and residents of north Wales have been getting in touch with us to give their views on how the 20mph speed limits are potentially damaging the tourism sector.

The majority of residential roads throughout Wales changed from being 30mph to 20mph last September.

This was, according to the Welsh Government, to help 'save lives'.

But, the move has been heavily criticised by members of the public, politicians and more since it was introduced.

Last week, the Leader reported on how concerns are being raised over how the speed limits could be turning visitors away from spending time in the region.

Since then, our readers have been getting in touch to give us their views on the matter. 

Gareth Jones, managing director at UK Leisure Living, said: "I do an awful lot of driving and so does my business and England doesn’t have a blanket 20 in place like Wales. Just some selected areas, which is very different to Wales. My other business has customers who own holiday let’s or holiday in Wales and the feedback hasn’t been great!"

Another business owner, who wished to remain anonymous, added: "As a holiday let business, I can assure you that 20mph along with the other awful attacks on tourism has stopped my many repeat guests from booking and new to Wales visitors coming."

Resident Chris Brown said: "Less and less tourists will come to Wales and I do feel for small holiday businesses who rely on tourism to make a living. Especially now with the business tax relief cuts."

John Edwards added: "I personally know people from Nottingham who always came to Wales for holidays but are now changing to Scotland or the Lake District.

"The reason is solely the fear of speeding tickets, points, higher insurance premiums. This default 20 mph is damaging tourism, adding fuel to the fire of the proposed tourist tax.

"I personally supported Welsh Labour in their Covid response, but this is wrong and unnecessary, and damaging to the Welsh economy."

Colin Craney added: "I live in the Mold area and my hobby is going away each week to stay in bed and breakfast/hotel in different areas of Wales. While I'm there I go fishing, and eat out every evening.

"However, since this stupid 20mph limit happened I went twice in the first two weeks and ever since that fiasco was implemented I've carried on going away every weekend but now I go to England instead.

"I even do my weekly shop in England before returning home from my weekend away. The less time spent driving on Welsh roads the better. I'm still enjoying my weekends away but my money is being spent elsewhere."

Stephen Hill said: "We normally go to West and North Wales for our holidays but not anymore it's Devon and Cornwall after this bonkers 20mph roads."


Other residents were sceptical about the effects that 20mph speed limits were having on the tourism sector.

Ian Papworth said: "This is total nonsense. The A55 was nose to tail over Easter and most had to do 20mph due to weight of traffic. Most 20mph are in residential areas or places where tourists don't go. We are no different to Devon and Cornwall."

John Holiday added: "I cannot seriously believe that people are deterred by speed limits. Far more likely are poor weather and expensive accommodation."

Jules Brownhill said: "I don't think anybody is staying away because of the 20mph. There's a cost of living crisis on at the moment so people are tightening their belts."

Responding to concerns raised, a Welsh Government spokesperson added: "Like many places across the UK, including tourist hot spots such as Cornwall, the introduction of 20mph limits in residential and built-up areas is designed to save lives.

“This policy received cross party support in the Senedd. A final report on the pilot areas and the first three months of roll-out will be published shortly.”