A POLICE inspector says extra parking provision is needed to meet demand as Wrexham AFC's home attendances grow.

The Leader has been reporting on the parking issues people living near the Racecourse are facing.

Inspector Luke Hughes, of the Wrexham City policing team, said officers have been receiving "numerous complaints" of inconsiderate parking on match days.

And in his daily update on Tuesday (February 28), inspector Hughes urged people to park responsibly ahead of the Chesterfield match.

He said: "I totally get that better parking provision is required - something I’ve raised a number of times and will continue to do so.

"A better, more informed and considerate parking plan needs to be devised, it is entirely achievable with some thought, but I would also urge local residents to be just that little bit more tolerant as the football ground and the positives it brings are beyond compare."

Wrexham residents have been calling for extra parking provision - with a park and ride system pinpointed as a possible solution to the issues.


Cheryl Vaughan said: "Park and Ride is the answer to both hospital parking and football match parking. All cities have them. Wrexham Council needs to invest money in the city and improve the situation."

A resident living on Belvedere Drive said: "Even though there are cones out, they get out of the car and move them and park. They are abandoned all over the place and it’s dangerous.

"We have a drive, with two spaces and we are happy for fans to park on our drive, who have come quite far (for free) rather than block everywhere."

Another person added: "We live opposite B&Q. I have no problem with the increased amount of match day traffic as overall I'm happy to see the club booming. But someone parked in the bus stop outside our house for the last evening game. Daft."

Jo Morrison said: "As long as parked cars consider emergency services may need access I don’t see the issues with approximately 24 home games a year is it really that much of a problem. Nobody is complaining about the additional (positive) tourism the football is being to our town. Surely it’s a small price to pay."

Others said that the old Countrywide Country stores site could be used as an extra car park for Wrexham fans. 

As part of the Kop redevelopment planning application submitted to Wrexham Council, a Match Day Access Strategy was included.

It considers what is described as a "wide range of deliverable transport measures" to encourage travel to the stadium by other modes than the private car.

Proposed measures include: 

  • Access Improvements by Foot – a new access directly onto Crispin Lane to the Kop Stand entrance will be provided.
  • Signage Contribution – funding for the implementation of a signed walk route between the Stadium and the interchange facilities in the city centre and nearby rail stations will ensure that supporters (especially those who do not regularly attend matches) have clear directions to the Stadium and use appropriate and safe routes (including crossings). This will follow the guidance of ‘pathway finder’ routes.
  • Taxi and drop-off zones – formalise the arrangements for drop-off (including taxis) on Crispin Lane and Mold Road. This will also need to consider pick-up as well as drop-off and the requirement to include some form of booking system may need to be considered.
  • Road Closures and Traffic Management – investigate the need to formally apply for road closure of the inbound lane along Mold Road and of any other adjacent roads.
  • Disabled access – consider permit only disabled drop-off and disabled parking permits for Crispin Lane and Mold Road 

Wrexham County Borough Council declined to comment on the matter.