A BRAVE Wrexham teenager came to the aid of a woman in a medical emergency. 

Lillie Callaghan was working to work at The Maesgwyn Hall when she came by a woman in distress near the petrol station on Mold Road on Thursday (April 11). 

The 17-year-old explained: "I noticed there was woman lying on the path, another girl was with her but she had to go college. The lady wasn't doing great at all, she was struggling with her breathing and seemed to be having a panic attack."

The woman was being sick and also had an infected wound on her right ankle.

The Leader: Lillie has been praised for heroics. Lillie has been praised for heroics. (Image: User generated content)

An ambulance was called for, and Lillie stayed by the lady's side for two hours until it arrived. 

Lillie, who started as a health care assistant at Wrexham Maelor Hospital three weeks, said: "She was taken to hospital and I just really hope she is going to be ok.

"Two other ladies arrived to help and they were fantastic. I'm very passionate about caring for people. My goal is to become a paramedic or cardiologist."


Kym Walker, one of the two other ladies to stop and help at the scene, said: "Driving past the football ground petrol station, I noticed a young girl helping a women who was barely conscious on the ground. I couldn’t drive past without making sure they was ok.

"I just want to say what an amazing job Lillie did - she is only 17 and has been doing care work for only three weeks. Just kept the lady so calm and kept her breathing and was quick to ring 999. Stayed with her for the whole time.

"I stayed with Lillie so she wasn’t alone as must of been scary for her too. It’s touched me how amazing she was at such a young age."

Lillie's manager at The Maesgwyn, Paris Trow, said: "When she came into work and explained what had happened, I asked if she wanted to go home as she'd been through something traumatic. But she said no, as she didn't want to let the team down - that's just the sort of girl she is.

"She's so helpful and a credit to her family."

After news of Lillie's exploits were shared on a local Facebook community group, people were quick to send comments of praise. 

One person said: "There are some incredible young people around. Well done both for your kindness and helping others."