WORLD Television Day was celebrated earlier this week, so we thought we'd give our readers something to think about.

Back in December 1996, the United Nations proclaimed November 21 as 'World Television Day'.

That was to commemorate the date on which the first World Television Forum was held in 1996. 

On Tuesday, November 21, we asked our readers to name their all-time favourite TV shows.

And, as always, the answers provided were brilliant!

Here are some of the best comments we received on our Facebook post:

Rachel Em said: "Been watching Friends a lot lately and it’s just so comforting and nostalgic but as for new things, I just love Ghosts. Young and old can enjoy it, it’s not offensive, it’s hilarious and brilliantly acted."

Sarah McCullagh added: "Blackadder, Bottom, Young Ones, Red Dwarf, can't pick just one sorry!"

Andrea Jones wrote: "The Royle Family...comedy gold."

Beth Parry told us: "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet."

Shirley Povah said: "Call The Midwife."


Chris Murphy said: "Currently, What we do in the shadows. Classic comedy, probably Red Dwarf. Vikings also needs an honourable mention."

Louis Jones wrote: "Killing Eve.. watching it for the 10th time so far."

David Morgan nominated 'Mr Bean', while Nick James gave a vote for 'Gavin & Stacey'.

Paul Opdyke went for 'Sons of Anarchy' 

Meanwhile, Charlie Gibson went a little more modern with his answer of 'Welcome to Wrexham', while Jackie Aitken did the same by choosing 'Clarkson's Farm'.

Carlos Jordan-Thompson agreed with Charlie's comment, saying: "It's got to be Welcome to Wrexham, our home city is now world famous!!!" 

'Friends', 'Only Fools and Horses' and 'Blackadder' were among the most popular choices in our comments.

'The Simpsons, 'The Sopranos', 'Last of the Summer Wine', 'Eastenders', 'Doctor Who' and 'Breaking Bad' were among the other choices made by our readers.