A FORMER Doctor Who has been cast in Wrexham TV Pilot show 'Henry House', the director has confirmed. 

Wrexham-based production and TV Pilot 'Henry House' is set to feature legendary Doctor Who actor, Colin Baker, who played the sixth titular Time Lord from 1984-1986.

And yes, he will be playing The Doctor!

The Leader: The Doctor, Colin BakerThe Doctor, Colin Baker (Image: BBC Doctor Who)

Henry House recently announced its plans to start re-filming after it was forced to stop its production due to medical reasons earlier this year.

Aiming to shine a light on the community, the comedy drama will be set in a Wrexham care home and aims to provide a new narrative while supporting the special educational needs and disability community.

During the episode, the show will feature a comedic scene which will serve as a tribute to the hit TV show 'Doctor who', which will be celebrating its 60th anniversary on November 25.

They are also going to feature several other recognisable actors from the show in the scene which will include a 'Doctor Who' pun as written in the script.

Gareth Thomas, producer, said: "What started as a pipe dream of an idea for a Henry House scene just last week to mark Doctor Who's 60th anniversary has bizarrely been made possible.

"Doctor Who is a show that has given us so much - without our long line of Doctor Who actors we wouldn't even have a show so we really wanted to go all out and mark the anniversary. So many of our fans are Doctor Who fans.

"This special scene has been organised as a way of paying our respect to Doctor Who as so many of our high profile cast members came from it! Including our leading man, Peter Purves."

As well as Colin joining the team, Sophie Aldred will be cast in the show, known for playing 'Ace', assisting to Sylvester McCoy's Doctor.


Peter said: "My colleagues, both in the cast of Henry House and other Dr Who actors, have leapt on board to help. Dr Who has a real resonance with more people than you would imagine, and so with my friends Sophie Aldred and Colin Baker also joining us, the whole idea has come to fruition.

"It’s much more than a nod, it is now a real homage to the show. I am truly thrilled with the outcome.”

The scene will not only feature The Doctor, but also Henry House's main character Izzy Orchard, who has been likened to Wrexham's Bridget Jones, causing the world of Doctor Who and Wrexham to collide.