FLINTSHIRE Council has said that the "potential source" of the so-called "soggy mop" stink has been identified. 

In the summer, councillors from across Deeside wrote to the council about the foul odour which was affecting people on a daily basis, making their lives a "misery". 

A Facebook group set up for residents to discuss the matter and report times and places they smell it has over 700 members. It's described as being like a "damp" or "soggy mop". 

It has affected residents and businesses across the area - who have raised concerns over any potential impacts on their health, as well as being forced to put up with the foul smell.

In July, Flintshire Council launched an investigation into the matter. The first formal complaint was received at the end of April 2023, and since then, the council said it has been working alongside Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to identify the source of the odour.

Officers have visited and assessed local businesses that emit waste products into the environment as part of their operation, as well as several smaller sites in the Sandycroft area where most of the complaints have been received.

On Tuesday (October 10), Flintshire Council's Enviromental Health team said a "potential source" of the odour has been identified.

It states: "Following an extensive investigation, and working alongside our independent specialist, we can confirm that a potential source of the odours experienced are from the wastewater sewage network Systems and Queensferry wastewater treatment facility, that are managed by Dŵr Cymru/Welsh Water (DC/WW).

"Officers are in direct communication with DC/WW regarding this matter. DC/WW have given us assurances and are currently working with us to investigate the odour issues and to establish root cause. DC/WW has installed six odour logging instruments at strategic locations within the vast sewer network as well as sewage pumping stations within the wider vicinity to ascertain and identify any issues and causes of odour generation.

"These instruments will log live data from the wastewater flows directly for the next four weeks. They have asked that any further complaints be directed to them, this can be done by calling 0800 0853968 or online at https://contact.dwrcymru.com/en/report-an-issue.

"Those people affected are encouraged to continue logging the times they are affected by the odour and report it to DC/WW to help inform their investigation."


A Dŵr Cymru spokesperson said: "We have been made aware of reports of odour in the area and initial inspections of our assets have found them to be operating normally. 

"We have however installed specialist monitors within our assets as we work with the local authority to investigate further."

Shotton councillor, Dean Stenner, has been at the forefront of the campaign to resolve the issue. 

He said: "We are very happy to share the report from Flintshire Enviromental Health. They have made significant progress and action is now being taken to resolve the issue.

"We will continue to seek updates on progress until it's fully resolved, thank you all for your help so far and please continue to report."