DEESIDE businesses have spoken about how the "soggy mop" smell has affected them. 

Flintshire Council confirmed earlier this week that it is appointing an independent odour specialist to identify the source of the smell - which is mainly affecting the Sandycroft to Connah's Quay areas. 

Residents have said the stench, which smells like a "damp, soggy mop" is making their lives a "misery" and concerns have been raised about the effects it will have on people's physical health. 

On Tuesday, the Leader visited a number of businesses in Sandycroft, Queensferry and Connah's Quay to find out how, if at all, it has affected them. 

Dian Duchev, owner of DSD Motors on Queensferry Industrial Estate in Pentre, said: "It all depends on which direction the wind is blowing, but it's in the air most days. The last few weeks have been particularly bad.

"It's very unpleasant but you do get used to it, I suppose. The only thing that worries me is what we're breathing in, if it's a chemical in the air. Hopefully, they can find the source, sooner rather than later."


Fiona Collins, who owns Bella's Hair and Beauty in Queensferry, said: "I hadn't noticed it before last week - that's the first time I've smelt it. 

"But we're always getting customers coming in complaining of the stink outside - it's been like that for months."

Dale Selvester, landlord of the White Bear pub in Mancot, said patrons are often complaining of the stink while at the pub.

"We have people telling us to clean our drains out - but it's not us, it's where this stink is coming from," he said. 

"As well as being a councillor for Queensferry, this is something that is directly affecting my business and I'm determined to get it sorted."

Staff of Yvonnes Cafe, on Dock Road in Connah's Quay, added: "It's been bad for months, but recently it's been particularly strong - enough to make you heave when you go outside. 

"We have an outside seating area but on days when it's in the air - no one would want to sit out. I wouldn't say it affects business at all, but it's certainly something we could all do without."