COUNCILLORS from across Deeside have written a joint letter to Flintshire Council over a "soggy mop" stench in the area.

A total of 26 councillors have penned their names to the letter over a foul smelling odour in Deeside - which is said to be so pungent that some residents are thinking of moving away from the area.

The stench is said to be like a "soggy mop" or wet clothing left out for a long period of time. 

Shotton councillor, Dean Stenner, is fronting the campaign to find the source of the stench and to have it dealt with. 

He said: "It's been going on for years, but has intensified in the last couple of months. The smell is strongest on Chemistry Lane in Pentre. 

"Residents living in the Deeside area are at their wit's end with it. My home is absolutely filled with the smell, and some people are so worried about what's in the air that they want to move away from the area."

There is a Facebook group with hundreds of members - whereby residents post where and when they can smell it.

The letter, written by Cllr Stenner and signed by councillors from across Deeside, has been sent to Flintshire Council in the hope of the matter being investigated. 

It states: "I'm writing to you on behalf of the 26 councillors who represent the majority of the communities affected by notorious Deeside 'soggy mop' smell. We are working as a team to assist our constituents whose quality of life is significantly adversely affected by this environmental concern.

"We have received over 300 complaints reported from residents affected by an overwhelming foul smell which appears to travel with the wind direction. Our residents’ reports range from Connah’s Quay to Broughton and Garden City to Ewloe and all the areas in between."


The letter continues: "I have personally determined the smell seems to be most intense around the Chemistry Lane area of Pentre and is carried on the wind direction from that point. The smell is distinctive and described as resembling a soggy mop or damp rotting clothes.

"The residents are suffering not only because of the poor air quality but they are experiencing a vast reduction in their quality of life, unable to allow children to play outside and constantly unable to open their windows as the odour fills the house and are extremely concerned about the implications on their health.

"This air pollution is not simply a slight odour it’s an environmental issue significantly effecting quality of life."

The councillors are urging Flintshire Council to investigate the matter "without delay" and identify the source. 

Natural Rescources Wales (NRW) said it has "thoroughly investigated" the issue. 

Carys Williams, NRW team leader for waste regulation in north east Wales, said: “We can confirm that we have had a number of incidents reported to us about odour in the Deeside area.

“NRW officers have thoroughly investigated the matter and attended all waste and industry sites that fall under our regulation on several occasions. We have since ruled out any of these sites from being the source of the odour.

“We will continue to work closely with colleagues at Flintshire County Council to identify the source.”

Flintshire Council has been approached for comment on the matter.