Delivery drivers worry they will have points or driving bans within a year due to the new 20mph scheme, a senior Wrexham councillor has said. 

Cllr Nigel Williams, ward member for Gwenfro, told the Leader residents have been calling him and knocking on his door at "all hours" since Sunday to raise their concerns about the impact of the 20mph scheme.

He said: "People are really not happy about it.

"The way it's been sold to the public, on the safety aspect, I can sort of understand - but in terms of how it's going to help the environment; my personal view, and that of people I have spoken to, is that driving in a 20 requires you to use lower gears.

"People have been concerned that will mean their fuel costs go up and their emissions will increase."

Cllr Williams has also had businesses in his ward, and across the county, contacting him in his capacity as Wrexham Council's lead member for economy and regeneration.

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"People are especially concerned about how this impacts on deliveries," he explained.

"They are going to take longer. It has been said that the 20mph scheme will add a minute onto your travel time.

"I don't know where that's come from because if you were driving primarily in 30 zones, and now they are 20, that's adding a third onto your travel time.

"One person I spoke to said he's timed to get to and from jobs and can be penalised.

"Some are telling me that they are worried this time next year they will have points and people will be losing licences.

"No one wants to speed - but it's so difficult, especially for those who are being targeted to get to places by certain times."

Cllr Williams said he has also heard concerns that motorists will be "so preoccupied watching their speedometer instead of looking at the road."

He added: "Within a few miles, you can go from a 60 to a 50 then a 30 and then a 20 - it's really confusing."

Whilst Cllr Williams said he agrees with 20mph zones outside sites such as schools and hospitals, he disagrees with the "general rule of thumb" across most roads.

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As such, he has signed a petition which has thus far received more than 280,000 signatures, calling for the 20mph law to be scrapped.

He added: "I signed it because I'm for the 20, but in the right areas.

"There have been more than 200,000 signatures now - When does it get to a point where you have to take note of what the public are saying?"

Cllr Williams added his ward, like others across the county, has had some clashing speed limit signs following the changeover on Sunday.

But he emphasised the scale of the job faced by council workers and contractors and encouraged residents to report any anomalies in their area, in order for them to be corrected.