COUNCIL chiefs are working to address any 'anomalies' across Wrexham where signage for new and old speed limits clash.

The rollout of the default 20mph scheme took place across Wales over the weekend.

And given the speed changed on a lot of roads "instantaneously," Wrexham Council has confirmed it is "confident that the majority of changes [to signage] are complete", but has asked residents to report any issues that need addressing.

The council is also addressing situations where signs have been "tampered with."

Bangor-is-y-Coed Councillor Robert Ian Williams told the Leader that while he doesn't agree with the default 20mph scheme, he welcomes the speed limit outside schools, care homes and hospitals.

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In his ward, conflicting signage and road markings remained in place on the lane approaching Bangor is y Coed historic bridge as of Monday night.

Cllr Williams said he in no way criticising the council workforce, but added he hoped the signage issue could be resolved as soon as possible.

He added: "I am absolutely supportive of our workforce - I think we should respect honest workers doing their best.

"Our council workers have been doing a good job - but of course there are still going to be confusions.

"Some jokers have also been going round peeling the number off.

"We have to respect the law."

Chirk South Councillor Terry Evans told the Leader some Chirk residents had been "frustrated" by the new 20mph zones, adding: "Lots of people tell me it's a waste of money."

Cllr Evans said there had been instances in his ward where 20 and 30 signs appeared to conflict, adding: "It's definitely causing confusion."

Coedpoeth Councillor Krista Childs said residents in her ward had been "split" over the 20mph scheme.

She said: "There are a lot of people who are concerned about it, but others who are very amenable and realise the evidence shows it will save lives.

"We've had 20 zones by the schools for a good few years now and I've never seen an adverse comment about that.

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"People were up in arms about carrier bags costing 5p and compulsory seatbelts, but it is going to save lives and hopefully reduce costs for our NHS in the long run."

A Wrexham Council spokesman said: "As the speed change came into force all at once, it has been challenging to ensure that everything has been changed over instantaneously.

"We are confident that the majority of changes are complete, but continue to have a crew dedicated to this work this week.

"There may be the odd anomaly (either that has been missed or been tampered with) which we are continuing to dedicate resource to this week.  

"We are encouraging anyone who spots any errors to report them to"