GOSAFE has announced what speed drivers will risk a fine or prosecution at should they surpass the new 20mph speed limit on Wales' residential roads.

As of Sunday (September 17), most of the 30mph roads throughout the country have now become 20mph zones.

As a result, Wales has become the first UK nation to introduce a default 20mph limit.

The Welsh Government and police forces are working together to initially engage with drivers who are caught speeding (so long as they are not well above the limit). 

Now, GoSafe - which monitors drivers' speeds across the country - has confirmed the threshold for being caught driving at over 20mph.

Normally, fines and points are handed out at 10% above the limit plus 2mph.

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But, GoSafe say the threshold for Wales' new 20mph zone will be 10% plus 4mph, meaning that drivers will start receiving fines, or worse, at 26mph and above.

A statement from GoSafe read: "GoSafe apply the NPCC guidelines which outline the enforcement thresholds of not less than 10% plus 2mph.

"While the public get used to the change in default limit, Chief Police Officers have allowed us to increase this to 10% plus 4mph in 20mph only, meaning we start to prosecute at 26mph in a 20mph limit."

"GoSafe and Welsh police forces support the new national 20mph speed limit. Along with other partners such as Welsh Fire and Rescue Services, Local Authorities and Community Speed Watch groups, we are engaging with motorists and communities, to ensure the new speed limit is respected.  


"Enforcement will take place where it is needed to keep roads and communities safe, and will be carried out through a combination of mobile enforcement vehicles and fixed cameras, as is the case now."

A petition against the change in speed limit has hit a record 160,000 signatures in just a matter of days.

The Welsh Government claims that the new limits will 'help save lives', but there has been backlash up and down the country in response to the introduction of the limits.

According to GoSafe's website, the government has also provided its annual funding contribution of £2,555,500 to GoSafe this year, plus an additional £600,000 for 20mph roadside engagement.