A PUB landlord has become something of an overnight internet sensation following his appearance on the 'Welcome to Wrexham' documentary.

The new series - the first two episodes of which premiered on Disney+ in the UK yesterday (August 25) - tells the tale of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney's takeover of Wrexham AFC.

The first two episodes went down a treat both with locals and overseas, receiving rave reviews on social media.

And, it wasn't just all about Rob and Ryan either as one Wrexham-based pub landlord seemed to steal the show.

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The Turf pub lies in the shadow of the Reds' iconic Racecourse ground and has become synonymous with the club and its supporters down the years.

June of this year marked 14 years in charge of the pub for Wrexham born-and-bred Wayne Jones.

Wayne, who recently turned 40, took over at the Turf when he was 25 years old, having come back from three years of travelling.

And it's fair to say very few years in years gone by will have been as special or as memorable as this one has been to date for Wrexham AFC and the community as a whole.

Wayne's passion for the community, the football club and the Turf was on full display in his Welcome To Wrexham appearance.

He wore his red Wrexham AFC tracksuit top as he multi-tasked by talking to the camera crews and at the same time worked from the pub's butty van which has always kept fans satisfied before home matches with its burgers and more.

The Leader:

PIC: The Turf pub, which sits right beside Wrexham AFC's Racecourse ground.

Talking about the Turf in the documentary, he said: "On a match day we would be absolutely chocker, the bar is always five or six deep.

"My parents were regulars here and I remember coming to this pub after the match and they've won. The jukebox is blaring, and people are singing and people are happy, and from that minute on I was absolutely hooked."

Going on to talk about Wrexham AFC, Wayne added: "You can't put it into words what it means to people, it's like losing a limb.

"People say it's only a game but it's not - it's more than that. This football club means everything to people in this town."

Ahead of the documentary being aired, Wayne took to Twitter to joke that he would be 'going into hiding'.

But with many having now watched the first two episodes last night, it was his honesty and passion for his hometown that was praised the most by viewers.

Tony Jones said: "Embrace it mate, you and the team are smashing it at the Turf. Maybe they could sign you all up for a spin off series??"

Wendy Smithies said: "Wayne you were fantastic! The coast is clear you can come out!

Twitter user @minimickB added: "You were great buddy, and displayed the passion that exists for the club to get back to where it needs to be."

Vicky Meacock said: "No you come across so well in it so far! Glad the Turf is getting the recognition it deserves too."

A scene of Wayne playing snooker in the Turf even prompted a cheeky swipe from Rob McElhenney.

The Wrexham co-owner said 'Wayne is a terrible snooker player btw' with fellow co-owner Ryan Reynolds adding: "Highly recommend a burger and beer with Wayne Jones at The Turf."