LEADER readers have given us their views on the hotly-anticipated 'Welcome to Wrexham' documentary after it was released this week.

The series, which follows the club's takeover by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney premiered in the UK on Thursday, August 25 via Disney Plus.

In the first two episodes released that day, viewers caught a glimpse of the pair's initial interest in the club and how the takeover came about in the first place.

It also showed clips of Rob and Ryan's first outing to the Racecourse and the very first time they met in person, having previously only talked over social media and Facetime.

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In those episodes, locals gave their views on Wrexham itself, the club and the takeover, and the likes of local pub landlord Wayne Jones, who runs the Turf pub, were given a starring role too.

We asked our readers what they thought of Welcome to Wrexham's introductory episodes.

Here is what just a few of you had to say about those gripping first glimpses of the documentary ...

David Thomas said: "Got to confess I don't like football but I loved the documentary can't wait till the next episodes."

Pete Leach wrote: "Not a footy fan but I want to go watch them now. Support the town(City) and all that. Great program. Really enjoyed seeing Wrexham on the tellybox."

Jacqueline Williams told us: "Had a tear throughout and the intro was amazing, made me so proud to be born and bred in Wrexham, can't wait for another episode to come."

Stephanie Brooke added: "I really enjoyed it. Getting to know both owners and seeing their personalities. I’ve always loved Ryan as an actor so it’s really nice getting to know more about Rob too. He seems a really genuinely lovely person. Real family man and I think they both have such wonderful intentions for our whole town, not just our football team.

The Leader:

PIC: Welcome To Wrexham went down a treat with locals it seems!

"It’s lovely seeing local kids (my own included) getting involved in supporting our local team and being proud to be from Wrexham. Only good things can come from this."

Kevin Roberts said: "Really good, and they seem to have put it together very well."

Pat Mack wrote: "Thought it was very good. Both seemed very genuine. Onwards and upwards x"

Matt Thomas said: "Brought every emotion from day one flooding back!"

Alex Buckley said: "Watched both.. emotional wasn’t the word."

Nick Brown added: "Amazing, I'll watch it again. Brutal cull at the end of episode two."

Rufus Roberts told us: "Things will only get better …..enjoy the ride people of Wrexham."

The overwhelming view from our readers was that they 'loved' the first two episodes of Welcome to Wrexham.

The 16-part series is being released two episodes at a time every Thursday on Disney+.