Gresford Athletic Football Club believe they are fighting a losing battle when it comes to vandalism at their ground after two recent incidents. 

The club have been battling vandalism for around 10 years, but a number of incidents in the last 18 months has left officials left with little hope moving forward. 

The club's stands have been broken into, with chairs ripped out and barriers knocked down. The playing benches have also been smashed, which led to extreme measures being put in place in an attempt to prevent it. 

Numerous locks and metal panels have been placed around the stands to protect them.

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A fundraiser was set up in May in an attempt to reach out to the community for donations to try and ease the cost of repairs at the club. 

Yet two incidents within the last two weeks, which saw police attend an attempted break-in has left the club feeling they are fighting a losing battle. 

A club spokesperson said: "We've just got no support from anyone at all. 

"Parents don't care where their kids are, we've got no support from the trust, the people who own the ground and we've got no support from the village. 

"I don't know what more we can say, it feels like we're fighting a losing battle."

A Gresford Trust spokesperson said: "Gresford Trust have been supportive of GAFC for many years. We provide the land and buildings which house the changing rooms which they use. 

"However, the stands which have been targeted recently are the sole responsibility of GAFC. They lease the land on which they are erected from the trust. The upkeep and security of the stands is a matter for GAFC as are the facilities used by all our other user groups.

"Generally, all areas of Gresford Trust land experience vandalism and anti-social behaviour of all kinds. GAFC are not alone in suffering this kind of damage.

"Where this directly affects Trust property we report the incidents to the police. We would hope that GAFC report damage to areas they own or are responsible for."

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On Monday, August 1, the football club were alerted to another incident, in which motorbikes have been ridden across the pitch, leaving the club in a race against time to get the surface sorted for their first home game against Airbus this Saturday.

The ongoing battle against vandalism is pushing the club towards trying to secure a move to a new ground. 

They added: "We've got our first home game this Saturday and the pitch is in a state, we've got a load of work to do on that to get it ready. 

"We've got all this work to do and the home games haven't even started, the cost of it is just ridiculous. 

"We are looking at trying to move and hopefully we can sort something." 

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