A football club in Wrexham has discussed the 'soul destroying' vandalism that has taken place at the club lately. 

Gresford Athletic Football Club have been forced into dealing with a number of incidents at their pitch on Clapper's Lane. 

Benches have been broken, the stand has been vandalised with seats ripped out and barriers knocked down. 

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A spokesperson from the club has stated that they now fear the weekends as they feel they are just waiting for the next phone call to come. 

They said: "It's been horrendous, the vandalism at the club has probably been going on for about 10 years now, but in the last few weeks it's just been awful. 

"We're dreading the summer holiday's as all the youths will be out of school and hanging around the football pitch. 

"If you walk past on a Saturday night, there are kids everywhere on the pitches. 

"People may see what happens but it ends up with [the club] having to deal with all the incidents, they and all the litter are atrocious. 

"I'm dreading the future of the football club, because the club can't afford to keep dealing with it and hands have to go into pockets to sort it. 

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"It's a really costly process. 

"The club has given a lot back to the community, we run teams from all ages groups up to the men's side, we do beer festivals, firework nights, quiz nights and all sorts and now we're being annihilated. 

"It's just soul destroying."

A police spokesperson said: "Our investigation into the reports of criminal damage at Gresford Athletic's Clappers Lane ground last month remains ongoing.

"A public appeal for information was made via our social channels and remains open."

They added that Sgt Nathan Harvey has liaised with the club and will continue to do so while the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information relating to this offence can report online or call 101, quoting incident reference B042363"