A Wrexham-based football club chairman has spoken of the frustating nature of dealing with ASB after dog poo bags were scattered across their pitch.

The poo bags were found on the football pitch at Ponciau Park earlier this week by a local resident.

They were out walking early, at around 7.30am, on Monday when they came across what looked like rubbish.

At a closer inspection they soon realised they were bags of dog poo scattered across the football pitch. 

It seems like the poo bags had been removed from the bins before being put on the park.

The resident said: "I was shocked, digusted and angry to see they were poo bags. 

"It's vile to think that they've taken the time to get them out of the bin and throw them there, it doesn't make sense. 

"What satisfaction would they get out of doing this? There is no need for whoever did it, to have done what they've done.

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"A lot of effort has gone into the pitch and it needs to be respected."

The football pitch at Ponciau Park is home to Rhos Aelwyd FC and dealing with anti social behaviour is not something new to them. 

The Leader: Some of the poo bags next to the park.Some of the poo bags next to the park.

Club Chairman, George Jones said that he felt dog owners weren't taking responsibility. 

He added: "Dog mess is causing us issues and prevent our youth and senior squads from playing on the field. 

"It's a regular occurance unfortunately, before every game we have people checking the field to ensure there is no dog mess on the pitch. 

"We're not happy about it and we are the ones having to deal with it, it can't go on like this."

Mr Jones revealed that it was not just dog mess incidents that the club were facing. 

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Adding: "We've had damage caused to our stand and our dugouts too. 

"We've spent a lot of money on putting in new changing rooms which is not just for us, but for the community. 

"Not too long ago, the bins were emptied across the pitch as well, it's really frustrating. 

"To be fair to the Police, they are trying to help and support us, but they can't be here all the time can they."

North Wales Police and Wrexham Council were both approached for a comment.