A Wrexham-based football club that has suffered numerous vandalism incidents in recent months has set up a fundraiser to help protect the club. 

Gresford Athletic football club has had five attacks on their club in the past 15 months, with serious damage being caused to their stands and dugouts. 

Last month, a club spokesperson discussed these 'soul destroying' incidents and what the future holds for the club.  

Since then, Vice-Chairman Peter Goddard has set up a JustGiving page in an attempt to raise funds that will allow the club to secure its ground. 

Gresford Athletic has set its target at £5,000, which Peter says will allow them to upgrade the grills that are currently on the stand, as well as aim to install CCTV at the ground on Clappers Lane. 

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So far £743 has been raised.

Peter stated they had been pleased with the initial response to the fundraiser.

He said: "With the fundraiser, we thought it would be good to reach out to the local community. 

The Leader: Some of the damage caused at the club.Some of the damage caused at the club.

"We had an initial outpour of support to help us secure our stands. We were possibly hoping for more help from local businesses, but we appreciate that's not always possible. 

"We've had a lot of messages of support and the support from the football community has been brilliant. We've had local teams, players and managers dipping their hands into their own pockets to help out. 

"The football community is great like that and other clubs will know what this is like."

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While the football season has now finished, Peter insists there is a need to get the work done as soon as possible. 

He added: "We know the summer nights are the worst time for us as we're waiting for the next one to come. 

"The sooner we can get the cameras in and secure the grills the better really. 

"We've got the temporary fix at the minute with what we've got in there, but we need to get it secured as soon as possible. 

"We need to get it done ahead of the new season anyway as part of the FAW criteria. 

"We're trying and at the minute, every penny counts."