A PETITION has been launched hoping to ensure the "community's voice is heard" regarding plans for 1,600 new homes in Wrexham. 

Land on a greenfield site off Cefn Road has been earmarked for up to 1,680 new houses as part of Wrexham Council's controversial Local Development Plan (LDP).

Three large housing developers are now bringing forward plans for the bulk of the site, which includes land close to Wrexham Rugby Club and playing fields used by Ysgol Morgan Llwyd.

An application for 600 houses has already been submitted by Barratt and Bloor Homes, with the Harworth Group recently starting a consultation on proposals for an additional 900 properties.

Plaid Cymru is holding a public meeting for residents to discuss both housing schemes on May 14 at 7.30pm at St John’s Church on Herbert Jennings Avenue in Wrexham.

In addition to the meeting, Plaid has launched a petition giving the community an opportunity to share their thoughts on the plans for the new homes.

The petition has received close to 1,000 signatures in just over 24 hours and Councillor Becca Martin says it is to ensure the "community's voice is heard". 

Cllr Martin added: “The petition has already attracted 860 signatories in just 24 hours, demonstrating the concerns local residents have about this super-estate proposal.

“Many have commented about the lack of infrastructure to cope with the increased housing. No road improvement, no more GPs, no improvement in health services and the developers even trying to wriggle out of building a new school. 

“People are also concerned about the loss of green fields, areas used for generations for leisure and wellbeing. We’re opposing plans to concrete over valuable farmland and green spaces.


“We’d far rather see homes built on derelict land and empty properties brought back into use but these schemes are all about developers looking to maximise profits rather than working with the community.

“This super-estate is one of a number of large housing developments amounting to 3,700 new homes. That’s on top of the 3,000 homes that already have planning permission but are yet to be built. So this is a protest against over-development of open countryside and to ensure the community’s voice is heard loud and clear.

“Plaid Cymru has been clear that the housing plans that Labour supports is not working for Wrexham’s communities and we’ll do our best to voice the concerns of those communities.”