A DANGEROUS drug-driver has been jailed after his actions hospitalised another motorist for five weeks.

George Simons, of Mold Road in Stansty Park, Wrexham, appeared at Mold Crown Court for sentence on Wednesday morning.

The 37-year-old had previously admitted that on April 5 last year, he caused serious injury to a man named Ian Belcher by driving a Mercedes van dangerously on the A5119 at Flint Mountain.

He'd also admitted an offence of drug driving.

Catherine Elvin, prosecuting, told the court that on the day of the offence, Mr Belcher had left work in Chester and driven in his works van along the A55 before joining the A5119 heading towards Flint Mountain.

As he approached the brow of a hill prior to a right hand bend, the defendant's vehicle appeared travelling in the opposite direction.

Simons veered onto the wrong side of the road - and into the path of Mr Belcher.

Despite Mr Belcher's best efforts to avoid the collision, Simons crashed into the offside of his vehicle.

The victim felt "instant shock and pain" in his ribs, wrist and hip, and he was wedged in his vehicle.

An off-duty police officer came to his aid until the emergency services arrived and he was extricated by firefighters.

Mr Belcher spent some five weeks in hospital after the crash, including at Glan Clwyd and in Stoke, requiring surgeries for multiple fractures and partial collapse of both lungs, among other injuries.


The defendant tested negative for alcohol, but positive for benzoylecgonine (a cocaine breakdown product referred to as BZE.)

He was found to have 138 microgrammes of the substance per litre of blood - the limit being 50.

When interviewed he said he "couldn't remember" how the incident happened, but he admitted having taken cocaine at a wedding about a week earlier.

The Leader: George Simons (NWP)George Simons (NWP) (Image: North Wales Police)In his victim statement, Mr Belcher said the pain caused had been "indescribable."

He had to cancel a family holiday and missed occasions such as his wedding anniversary.

He has since returned to work on a part time basis but even now, some 12 months later, he is reliant on pain medication and will require a hip replacement in the future.

John Wyn Williams, defending, told the court: "I have been specifically instructed by Mr Simons to publicly apologise to Mr Belcher and his family for the pain he has caused.

"This wasn't a prolonged, persistent, excessive speed that I know Your Honour sees day in, day out in these courts.

"The pre-sentence report is heartening - he's genuinely remorseful. He's been driving for 20 years now and has a good record, and no previous convictions.

"He's a family man and has his own business. The impact of a disqualification and extended retest will obviously have an impact on his livelihood.

The Leader:

"He has two young children and his wife is expecting their third - there would be an impact on his family if Your Honour imposes immediate custody."

Judge Niclas Parry told the defendant: "In April a working man driving home came across you - under the influence, effectively, of class A drugs.

"You had between two and three times the legal, or permissible, limit of the drug in your blood.

"Clearly, there was a deliberate decision to ignore the rules of the road.

"The reality is, you could have killed him."

The Judge imposed a custodial sentence of 18 months, adding: "Because the sentence is under two years, I do consider whether I can suspend it.

"But some matters are simply too serious to suspend - and this is one such matter."

Simons was banned from driving for two years and nine months (a two year ban with an additional nine months to reflect the period he must serve in jail before release on licence.)