GoSafe has issued a statement after one of its mobile speed cameras was seen near where a speed limit sign has faded. 

The van was pictured on the A548 Bagillt Road near Greenfield on Tuesday.

The speed limit on the road is 40mph, but one of the signs there has faded and the numbers cannot be made out. 

The Leader:

Motorists took to social media to question whether it's fair that the mobile speed camera van be parked there if speed limit signs have faded in the location.

One person said: "It's not exactly a fair situation when being asked to comply with the speed limit if they don't display what it is. There have been loads of changes in the area and across Wales lately as well so it's either guess correctly or be penalised.

"I feel that the road signs ought to be clear in the area before penalties are being handed out to local residents in any case. I don't agree with speeding and if it was a fair scenario I would have no objection to speed cameras."


A GoSafe spokesperson said: "GoSafe's casualty reduction officers are trained to know the legal signage requirements. Prior to starting enforcing, they complete multiple checks, including checking road signage. If the road signage is not appropriate, they will not enforce and will report it to the relevant Highway Authority to remedy.

"Gateway signs clearly indicate the 40mph speed limit at each entry point to Bagillt Road, Greenfield. There are further repeater signs on streetlights along the road to inform drivers of the speed limit. We are aware that one repeater signs amongst the system has faded and have informed the relevant Highways Authority."

Since the change in default speed limit in September 2023, a series of streetlights in a residential or built-up area indicates a 20mph speed limit unless you see a sign telling you otherwise.

Gateway signs are the larger signs shown on either side of the road as you enter a different speed limit area.

Repeater signs are the small circle signs often seen on streetlights.