A HILARIOUS print of Rob McElhenney has gone on display in Ty Pawb to celebrate his birthday.

There was double cause for celebration for Wrexham AFC at the weekend - as the club was promoted to League 1, and its co-owner, Rob McElhenney, celebrated his 47th birthday.

To mark it, club co-owner Ryan Renyolds posted a video on X in which he, dressed as Deadpool, talks about the day coinciding with the sinking of the Titanic - the anniversary of which falls on Rob's birthday.

He says Wrexham Lager was on the ship when it sank, with the video later showing what was found at the shipwreck years later - a picture of a bare-chested Rob McElhenney.

It mimics the nude painting of Rose, played by Kate Winslet, by Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, from the epic 90s film Titanic, that formed the centrepiece of the plot.


He then advertises items "customised in all Rob's splendour", including a print that Ryan said will appear in Ty Pawb's gallery. 

And, true to Ryan's word, the print has actually appeared this morning (Monday, April 15) in the gallery. 

The Leader:

The print is titled 'Heart of Ownership' and is accompanied with a description saying: "This masterpiece was definitely not hastily generated 2 weeks ago by Wrexham co-chairman Ryan Reynolds, because who would do that? 

"According to art historians, that Ryan bribed, the resemblance to fellow co-chairman, Rob McElhenney, and the fact Rob's birthday falls on the anniversary of the sinking of the Titantic are merely coincidental."

The duo's birthday messages have become a firm favourite of fans, with both owners teasing one another with funny dedications posted online.