MORE THAN one celebration is taking place at Wrexham AFC, with today being owner Rob McElhenney's birthday - and his co-owner has celebrated in hilarious style.

Wrexham securing promotion yesterday was seemingly the perfect gift for the Hollywood star, but co-owner Ryan Reynolds had other ideas.

The Deadpool star posted a video on X in which he, dressed as Deadpool, talks about the day coinciding with the sinking of the Titanic.

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According to him, Wrexham Lager was on the ship when it sank, with the video later showing what was found at the shipwreck years later - a picture of a bare-chested Rob McElhenney.

It mimics the nude painting of Rose, played by Kate Winslet, by Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, from the epic 90s film Titanic, that formed the centrepiece of the plot.

Rob encouraged viewers to join him in celebrating "the heart of our Wrexham AFC family by sending Rob all the birthday love we can."

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He then advertises items "customised in all Rob's splendour", with one of the prints to be exhibited in the Tŷ Pawb gallery in Wrexham.

The duo's birthday messages have become a firm favourite of fans, with both owners teasing one another with funny dedications posted online.

Last year Rob released a blimp printed with a deeply unflattering picture of Ryan, which in turn was in response to Ryan unveiling a "commemorative urinal" at The Racecourse.