THE SHADOW Ministers for Tourism and Transport have raised concerns over the 20mph speed limits leading to people 'reconsidering' spending time in Wales.

The majority of residential roads throughout Wales changed from being 30mph to 20mph last September.

This was, according to the Welsh Government, to help 'save lives'.

But, the move has been heavily criticised by members of the public, politicians and more since it was introduced.

An 'engagement process' was launched in January of this year between North Wales Police, GoSafe and other relevant authorities to ensure drivers were sticking to the new limit.

Since then, 732 people have been caught exceeding the speed limit, with nine of those prosecuted and the rest given an 'engagement session' to take part in.

Concerns have previously been raised about the impact that the change could have on tourism in Wales, with convoys organised along the A55 in protest.


Now, Tom Giffard MS, Shadow Minister for Tourism, has raised concerns once more and has warned that a 'drop' in visitor numbers to Wales could have 'serious' consequences on communities.

Mr Gifford said: “The 20mph speed limit is confusing lots of people, and is making some people, inside and outside Wales, reconsider spending leisure time here.

“While we’re not going to see tourism disappear, a drop in tourism could have a serious impact on communities across Wales.

“This is just one of the many reasons we would scrap the 20mph speed limit, and make sure it’s only used where it is really needed.”

Natasha Asghar, Shadow Minister for Transport, added: “The problems stemming from Labour’s ridiculous 20mph speed limit seem to be never-ending.

“If bus services stopping and a forecasted multi billion pound hit to the economy weren’t enough, we can now sadly expect to see damage to our Welsh tourism industry as a direct impact of this policy, too.

“As time goes on it becomes increasingly apparent what should be done. The Welsh Conservatives would scrap Labour’s 20mph speed limits and get Wales moving.”

A Welsh Government spokesperson added: "Like many places across the UK, including tourist hot spots such as Cornwall, the introduction of 20mph limits in residential and built-up areas is designed to save lives.

“This policy received cross party support in the Senedd. A final report on the pilot areas and the first three months of roll-out will be published shortly.”