RESIDENTS of an area of Flintshire have raised concerns over developments which would see over 600 new homes built there.

Castle Green Homes recently revealed plans to build 300 homes on land off Ash Lane in Hawarden, and 315 homes on land off Holywell Road in Ewloe.

People living in the Hawarden and Ewloe areas say there is a lack of local infrastructure to support the developments.

Commentin on Facebook, Susan Humphreys said: "No infrastructure for these developments; no school places, no doctors and certainly no dentists. And 300+ cars coming onto the roads - ridiculous. Be better to build a school, a doctors surgery and dentist, never mind all the houses."

Another person added: "It's getting ridiculous now - 300 in Ewloe and 300 in Hawarden. You can't get into the doctors now. And imagine another 1,200 plus cars coming through the villages."

A further commentor said: "So we have the Airfields development with around 800 new homes, with many of the children going to Hawarden High School. And now these would be going to Ewloe Green and Hawarden with no improvements to roads, schools, drainage, doctors and dentists. We aren’t coping as it is."


A Ewloe resident living near the potential development site also voiced their concerns. They said: "I live on Holywell Road and can't get off my drive for when blocked in when people park straight across the drive to go to the shops -  it's absolutely ridiculous. The place is bursting at the seams."

Stuart Andrew, design and planning director at Castle Green, said: “Our plans for new homes in Ewloe include a mix of homes designed to address local housing need, on a site allocated for housing in the Flintshire local plan.

"Subject to planning, we would also commit to funding local community facilities and infrastructure to support the growth of the neighbourhood.”