A PROLIFIC Wrexham offender caught in a "revolving door" of custody and court hearings has been spared jail for his latest offences.

John Haden, of Grosvenor Road, was produced in custody at Wrexham Magistrates Court on Monday morning.

The 29-year-old admitted that on Saturday (February 10) he stole goods worth £19.45 from Home Bargains in Wrexham.

He also admitted an offence of assault which took place at Home Bargains on that day.

Prosecutor Justin Espie told the court that on the day in question, he'd gone to the store and taken items of relatively low value, put them in his pockets and made to leave without paying.

The assault arose when staff lawfully attempted to prevent him from leaving, and he tried to push past them to get away in a "sustained manner."


Haden had 189 previous offences on his criminal record and had been released from prison just a week prior to the latest offences.

Mr Espie added that when confronted, Haden can become "a handful" for staff and police, even in incidents of low value shoplifting.

Emma Simoes, defending, told the court: "I do take slight objection to the comment about him proving 'a handful.'

"This was quite an isolated incident and he may be prolific for shoplifting, but in terms of his behaviour towards professionals, he's very respectful and rarely behaves in a way which causes concern.

"This is an assault whereby he has pushed past to get out as opposed to any intentional actions to harm individuals.

"I've known this man many years, since he was a teenager, and have sadly seen the deterioration in his health as drug addiction has taken hold."

Ms Simoes asked the court to deal with her client in a way which allowed him to work with the probation service in the community, as well as being able to keep his accommodation.

The Leader:

She described him as a "very vulnerable young man with a plethora of difficulties."

Debbie McKinnel, chair of the bench, told the defendant: "Mr Haden - what do we do with you?

"This is like a revolving door that keeps going around."

The court handed down a total custodial sentence of 21 days - but suspended it for six months.

Haden must pay a £154 victim surcharge and £85 costs.