A MAN has been jailed after he and his parents engaged in a shocking incident of pub violence following a "family dispute."

Peter and Susan Pomeroy, both of Stanley Road in Buckley, appeared in the dock for sentence at Mold Crown Court alongside their son, also named Peter Pomeroy and of Blaen Cwm in Llandudno, on Thursday morning.

From the outset, all parties referred to the 72-year-old father as 'Peter Pomeroy Sr' and the 47-year-old son as 'Peter Pomeroy Jr'.

Ryan Rothwell, prosecuting, told the court that all three defendants had been convicted of affray at a previous hearing, having all entered guilty pleas.

On January 6, 2023, victim Alex Hardman and his fiancée Michelle Donachie went to the Blue Anchor pub in Buckley.

The Leader: The Blue Anchor in Buckley (Google)The Blue Anchor in Buckley (Google) (Image: Google)Also attending the pub on that day were the three defendants.

The court heard there had been a "personal previous family dispute" and the victims had decided before going out that if they saw the defendants, they would ignore them.

When Peter Pomeroy Sr stuck two fingers up at at them, that's exactly what they did - but he stood behind Mr Hardman and verbally abused him, challenging him to turn around and face him.

When Mr Hardman moved to get his drink, 65-year-old Susan Pomeroy, "went for him," lashing out and grabbing his neck.

Peter Pomeroy Jr then got involved, punching Mr Hardman.

The violence then stopped - for a while.

It was reignited when Susan Pomeroy lashed out again, following which both Peter Pomeroys got involved.

Following a series of "frenzied punches," Mr Hardman was knocked out and left lying on the ground - at which point Peter Pomeroy Jr stamped on his face "so hard, his head bounced off the floor."


Ms Donachie was pushed over by Peter Pomeroy Jr and hit her head on the floor.

She went to her injured fiancée, who was "struggling to breathe, gurgling and had blood pouring from his mouth and nose."

Peter Pomeroy Junior told his mum: "We've got to go - I'll go down for this."

The police were called and arrested the three defendants.

Peter Pomeroy Jr admitted striking Mr Hardman as he claimed the victim had attacked his mum.

Susan Pomeroy told officers: "I don't give a s*** - it was worth it. I'd do it again."

Ms Donachie was left with lumps on her head, while her fiancée had a non-displaced fracture of the eye socket, a wound to his eyebrow which has since scarred and severe swelling to his right eye which prevented him from opening it.

The Leader: Peter Pomeroy (NWP)Peter Pomeroy (NWP) (Image: North Wales Police)Richard Edwards, defending Peter Pomeroy Jr, said: "He was appalled by what he saw on the CCTV footage, and he's ashamed of the way he and his family members behaved that evening.

"There is simply no excuse for the way he behaved.

"He has no recollection of a stamp, but there is no basis of plea.

"Clearly alcohol has played a large part in this offending.

"The defendant has been battling alcoholism for some time now and on this day he took it to excess.

"In his words, he lost his temper and saw red at what he thought, at the time, was his mother being assaulted."

Mr Edwards added his client has a number of mental health issues and has been struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife and son in 2021.

The defendant did have previous convictions for assaults, but had not been in trouble for some 12 years.

Jemma Gordon, defending Peter Pomeroy Sr and Susan Pomeroy, said: "In respect of both of these defendants, I invite you to step back from immediate prison.

"Susan Pomeroy has lost her good character and this is her first time coming before the courts, facing losing her liberty - which is clearly something that upsets her.

"Mr Pomeroy is in a slightly different situation. He does have previous convictions, but they are of a significant age now.

"There is no excuse for the way they behaved and they provide a significant amount of support to their children and grandchildren.

"This has been hanging over them for a significant period of time and that delay is not caused by them.

"It's now been 13 months and the court can be reassured there will be no further issue between them going forward."

Judge Niclas Parry told the defendants: "You're all extremely fortunate not to be sitting there charged with a far more serious offence.

"This was a most serious incident of targeted violence on licences premises, in the presence of many others.

"And it's no exaggeration to say the consequences could have been fatal.

"Peter Pomeroy Sr and Susan Pomeroy - you were responsible for instigating this incident.

"You brought your personal previous family dispute into the public arena."

The Judge praised the actions of others in the pub in attempting to calm things down.

The Leader:

He added: "Shining out among them was Ms Elaine Thomas, the female staff member whose continued, persistent actions to make you see sense were frankly admirable."

The Judge deemed Peter Pomeroy Jr's crime to be too serious for a suspended sentence - jailing him for 14 months.

But he drew back from immediate custody for the other two, handing Pomeroy Sr 10 months and his wife six months - both suspended for 18 months.

Both of them must undertake 25 days of rehabilitation activity and have been excluded from entering any licenced premises for the next 12 months.

A restraining order of three years was imposed for the protection of the victims.