"DISGUSTING" dog fouling was left on a grave at a Wrexham cemetery.

Rhos Community Council has taken to social media to warn that dogs face being banned from the village's cemetery following a spate of fouling incidents there.

The latest involved dog fouling left on a gravestone itself. 

A spokesperson for the community council said: "There are plenty of bins around and we have also supplied dog bag dispensers for visitors to use. The incident this morning was a dog owner walking their dog around the cemetery, it isn't hard to pick up after your dogs.

"If this keeps happening we will unfortunately have no choice but to ban dogs from the cemetery, which isn't something we necessarily want to do."


It follows recent fly-tipping incidents at the cemetery, which involved items of waste left placed up against a gracestone. 

Rhos Community Council added: "We also had fly tipping incidences recently, it seems as though certain people lack respect for their community and for the deceased buried in our cemetery.

"We are asking politely again for all visitors and dog owners to be responsible and respectful."

People took to social media to brand the dog fouling incident as "disgusting". 

One person said: "That’s really disgusting, some people have no respect." Another added: "This is so disrespectful."