"DISGRACEFUL" fly-tipping at a cemetery in Wrexham has been slammed.

Rhos Community Council has said on two occasions this week, staff have discovered fly-tipping at Rhos Cemetery. 

A spokesperson said: "This is not acceptable. The cemetery is a place of respect and a place for grieving families to visit their loved ones and our staff work very hard to keep the cemetery at a high standard.

"We will be monitoring the grounds and whoever is doing this will be reported. There is a fine of £400 for fly tipping.

"Please show some more respect to our cemetery and the deceased who are buried there."  

Images shared by the community council of the fly-tipping include one where waste items had been left leaning up against a grave stone. 

The Leader: An item was even left leaning up against a gravestone.An item was even left leaning up against a gravestone. (Image: Rhos Community Council)

Rhos county councillor, Paul Pemberton, added: "It's an absolutely obscene thing to do.

"If they do get caught, we will be sending them to court, without a shadow of a doubt."


After news of the incidents was shared on the community council's Facebook page, people commented to express their disgust over the fly-tipping. 

One person said: "On someone’s grave too, now that’s low. Absolutely no respect." Another added: "That's disgusting and so disrespectful."

A further comment said: "What is the matter with people? That’s horrible."