A HUSBAND and wife team will again join an army of volunteers to care for the homeless in Wrexham this Boxing Day.

Matt and Sian Pyne, and the rest of the Outreach team, have been looking after the homeless people of the community for the last eight years or so.

From handing out free food to arranging haircuts, the team carry out a number of sessions throughout the year to support the homeless.

And part of the great work that they do this time of year is to set up on Queen's Square in Wrexham for a few hours every Boxing Day.

Whilst there, the team hand out various supplies and food to ensure that some of the most vulnerable people in the community are not forgotten about.

Matt says that, this year, the team will have around 30 rucksacks to hand out, as well as 60 selection boxes which have kindly been donated throughout the year.

And, just like last year, the Lyon's Burger Bar team (based in Flint) will be on hand to provide some of their tasty treats.

Looking ahead to Boxing Day, Matt said: "We're heading to the square for about midday and we'll be there for a couple of hours.

"We'll have a lot of stuff to hand out like mince pies, first aid kits, toiletries, socks, underwear and gift sets."


Matt added: "It's all about putting smiles on faces and making sure that everyone feels like they've been remembered at Christmas time.

"We've been doing this for the last eight years now and we're going to make sure that we carry on doing what we're doing for those who need it the most."

Talking about the team's plans for 2024, Matt said: "We'd like to work with rehabilitation programmes. We'd like to become a stepping stone to help people get into rehab, but it's not easy.

The Leader: PIC: The items that will be handed out to homeless people in Wrexham on Boxing Day.

"We have one person at the moment who has been waiting six months to get on to a programme, so it would be good to bring some channels together and make it work better.

"Our main aim though is to stay relevant and let people know that we are always here."