A FLINTSHIRE man who helped look after the homeless on Boxing Day has been left 'humbled' by the occasion.

Kind-hearted Matt Pyne was joined by wife Sian and their trusted team of volunteers to take care of the homeless community in Wrexham on that day.

Matt and Sian Pyne, who are from Flint, have been looking after people who are homeless for the last seven years.

The pair had started out by setting up on Queen's Square in Wrexham, before moving on to a church car park.

But, after complications arose with both of those locations, they sought a new more permanent residence to help them complete their mission of helping those less fortunate.

In December 2021, after Matt had put an appeal out to help find a permanent venue on Facebook, Peter Humphreys of the Yellow and Blue (YAB) charity stepped in to help out.

As a result, the YAB hub in the heart of Wrexham's town centre has now become a weekly venue for Matt and his team, as well as YAB volunteers, to cater for the homeless.

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The team also meets up on Boxing Day to provide additional support - and this year was no different.

This time around, Matt, Sian and their generous team were at the YAB Hub from handing out food and clothing.

In all, they managed to hand out 24 rucksacks full of clothes, as well as several plenty of food.

Matt, who is a HGV driver by day, said: "It was a really humbling experience. We managed to hand out around 24 of the 30 rucksacks we had put together - and whatever is left over will now be used next week (in the weekly Outreach session at YAB).

"Seeing the shock on some of the faces when they saw how much they were being given was really nice to see."

The team was at YAB Hub for two hours in total on Boxing Day, with the Lyons Burger Bar team, based on the retail park in Flint, on hand to cook some burgers and 'belly-buster wraps' on the day.

Jason Roberts also delivered 35 pizzas for the homeless people to eat.

The Leader:

PIC: Rucksacks handed out on the day.

Matt added: "We really are humbled by it all, knowing we've made a difference and knowing we've let people know they're being thought of means so much. 

"They're not walked by or ignored by us. We love going out and doing this, these people are friends to us.

"One moment which really stood out was when one of the homeless people found out that a young girl who was volunteering had donated her Christmas money to the cause.

"He then gave her his selection box in return, which was really humbling to see. It just proves that those who have got less, give the most, it was really heart-warming to see.

"I have to say a big thank you so much to all of our volunteers who helped out on the day, as without them this day wouldn't have gone ahead."

Matt runs his 'Outreach' programme from the YAB Hub every Wednesday at 7pm, offering hot meals, clothing and so much more.

He said: "Next for us now is to carry on as we do. We'll be out again next Wednesday (January 5) as per. We've got a full food calendar on the go, cakes and treats, hot food and packed lunches."