A TRIO who conspired in an attempt to get drugs into HMP Berwyn have been sentenced. 

Lewis Morgan-Salisbury, of Rake Close, Upton, Wirral; Callum James Taylor, of New Hey Road, Woodchurch, Upton, Wirral and Stephen Benjamin Francom, of no fixed abode, all appeared before Caernarfon Crown Court for sentencing on Thursday (December 7). 

Morgan-Salisbury, aged 24, and Taylor, aged 25, had previously admitted conspiracy to throw a List A 'prohibited' item into prison. 

Francom, aged 31, had previously admitted possession with intent to supply cannabis. 

Frances Willmott, prosecuting, said that on June 2, 2020 a car being driven by Morgan-Salisbury pulled up next to the perimeter fence at HMP Berwyn. Taylor, the passenger, gets out of the car before climbing the fence and throwing two packages into an exercise yard where one was collected by Francom -  a serving prisoner who was cleaning up the exercise yard.

The packages contained cannabis, a mobile phone sim card, USB cable and tobacco. The cannabis had a value in prison of £2,500. 

Prison authorities were alerted by a nearby business that there was a car acting suspiciously. Officers viewed CCTV and saw Francom picking up the package. He concealed it in his trousers before being called inside by prison officers - who recovered the package. 

The court was told that on the morning of the offence, there had been regular contact from inmates at HMP Berwyn and a co-conspirator, Jordan Smith, who stands to be sentenced at a later date. He had instructed Morgan-Salisbury and Taylor to drive to the prison to deliver the package. 

Francom's defence barrister, Richard Edwards said he had acted impulsively - which is a trait of his ADHD diagnoses. Mr Edwards said that Francom has struggles to get and keep employment - something he wants to rectify, having employment lined up on his release. 

Stella Hayden, Taylor's defence barrister, said that her client hadn't played a part in the planning of the conspiracy. She also remarked on Taylor's immaturity at the time of the offence - when he was aged 22. Miss Hayden added that Taylor had a "difficult" upbringing, and had been in the care system from the age of 14. He also suffers from mental health issues. 

Stuart Mills, Morgan-Salisbury's barrister, said it was the "most stupid decision" he ever made to get involved in this offending. Mr Mills said it is Morgan-Salisbury's first offence, and that he has a "bright" future ahead of him if he stays on the right path, having recently completed an apprenticeship. 

Judge Nicola Saffman said: "Drugs in the prison estate create misery for those involved. It creates disorder, and an internal market where people are bullied into paying in various ways for drugs that they are addicted to.


"It undermines the rehabilitative element of the prison establishment."

Francom was sentenced to 12 weeks in custody and Morgan-Salisbury was sentenced to nine months in prison - suspended for one year. He will also be subject to a six-month nightly curfew. 

Taylor also stood to be sentenced for being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs - the offending of which took place in the Liverpool area. 

The court heard that between April 3 and May 23, 2023, a phone belonging to Taylor sent over 4,500 messages in relation to drug supply. 

He was sentenced to 32 months imprisonment for the drug supply, and nine months for the conspiracy to throw a List A 'prohibited' item into prison - which will run consecutively.