ALYN and Deeside MP, Mark Tami, has welcomed the Government’s introduction of Jade’s Law after over a year of campaigning.  

Karen Robinson and Paul Ward have been campaigning for a change in the law since Russell Marsh was convicted of murdering their 27-year-old daughter and mother of four Jade. 

Working with friend Edwin Duggan, Jade’s family has been campaigning to have the parental responsibility of a parent who is found guilty of murdering the other parent automatically suspended.

This is to spare the guardians of the children the traumatic prospect of facing the perpetrator in court each time they want to make a decision about the children, from changing doctors to going on holiday.

Mr Tami MP has been supporting the campaign since May 2022, after Edwin Duggan started an online petition that gathered 130,179 signatures. 

Despite the tireless campaigning, the Government maintained that it was too difficult to implement Jade’s Law, but early in October,  Jade's family and Mr Tami spoke of their delight at what was described as "a staggering but welcome u-turn" unveiled at the Conservative party conference on the matter.

Yesterday (December 4), the Government introduced an amendment to the Victims and Prisoners Bill, enacting the demands of the Jade’s Law campaign.

Yet the Government’s Jade’s Law amendment does not apply retrospectively, meaning it will not automatically apply to Russell Marsh and Jade’s family.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Tami said: “I welcome that the Government has finally changed its mind despite telling us for so long that Jade’s Law couldn’t be done.

"I’d like to pay tribute to Jade’s parents, Karen Robinson and Paul Ward, friend Edwin Duggan, and Jade’s siblings for their tireless campaigning and for the bravery and tenacity they have shown in a very tough situation.

"Their selflessness will help other families and will remove the indignity and trauma they have had to confront in facing Jade’s killer in the courts.”

Mr Tami added: “Will the Government look at further steps to ensure that people, like Marsh, who have already been convicted of murder within the specifications of Jade’s law are made subject to it?

“This campaign sprang out of the injuries and injustices faced by Jade’s family, and it is only right that Jade’s Law puts it right for them and for other families.”


Edwin Duggan, who started the online petition, said: "Karen, Paul, and I are very pleased that Parliament has passed the Government’s Jade’s Law amendment and are grateful to Mark Tami and his team for their help.

"We're concerned that there is nothing in the amendment to apply it retrospectively to existing prisoners, which means that Marsh would not be subject to the Act.

"I'm glad that Mark has made our point and hope that the Government will take note. It would be ironic if after all our work the very person who sparked this campaign would not be subject to the legislation."