CAMPAIGNERS who have bravely fought for a change in the law after their daughter’s murder are over the moon that they have finally won.

Karen Robinson and Paul Ward have been campaigning for a change in the law since Russell Marsh was convicted of brutally murdering their 27-year-old daughter Jade. 

Jade, from Shotton, was his estranged wife and a mother to their four children.
Working with friend Edwin Duggan, Karen and Paul and Jade’s sister Philippa have been campaigning to suspend the parental responsibility of a parent who kills the other parent. 

This is to spare the guardians of the children left behind the ordeal of facing the perpetrator in court each time they want to make a decision about the children, from changing doctors to going on holiday.

Edwin Duggan started a petition that garnered 130,179 signatures.

Alyn and Deeside Labour MP Mark Tami led the debate on the petition in the House of Commons in November 2022 and met with the Ministry of Justice to push the matter.

In May this year the Shadow Justice team pushed for amendments to the Victims and Prisoners Bill to include enacting Jade’s Law.

Despite the tireless campaigning, the UK Government maintained that it was too difficult to implement Jade’s Law.

But Jade's family and Mr Tami spoke of their delight at what has been described "a staggering but welcome u-turn" unveiled at the Conservative party conference this week.

The Leader: Jade's family outside court after Russell Marsh received his life sentenceJade's family outside court after Russell Marsh received his life sentence (Image: Staff)

“I’m delighted that the Government has finally changed their mind despite telling me for so long that it couldn’t be done,” said Mr Tami.

“I’d like to pay tribute to Karen, Paul and Philippa for the bravery and tenacity they have shown in a very tough situation. I’d also like to thank Edwin Duggan for his tireless work.

“We need to see the detail behind the announcement, but if all goes well and Jade’s Law is enacted this year then Karen and Paul will finally be spared the indignity and trauma of having to face Russell Ward

"Their selflessness will help other families in the future.”

Edwin Duggan, who also speaks for Karen, said: “We’re extremely pleased that all the hard work has paid off. 

"This is testament to the team that started the petition last year, to Mark Tami and his caseworker Laura, to Jess Phillips and Ellie Reeves who’ve all had a hand in getting this pushed through.

“We’ve gone through meetings and debates and we’re over the moon that eventually, through grit, determination and tenacity, we’re going to get what we asked for.

“Thank you to those who signed the petition. Everyone involved should be pleased with the outcome.

“When this goes through, I know it will save lives. Families in the future will not have to go through what Karen and Paul have.”