A NEW unique independent store has launched in the heart of Wrexham and the owners have been utterly overwhelmed with support.

Jessica Ball and Sophie Jacobson are long-term friends with a creative vision that has been brought to life on Hope Street, Wrexham.

On Friday, December 1 'Creu' launched as a female-led store selling quirky handmade goods and items of clothing.

Jessica, 32 from Wrexham, said: "We are feeling so overwhelmed with support from the community and had a very warm welcome! Our shop was full from the moment we opened until close and really enjoyed meeting members of the public.

"We had a lot of excitement based around the future workshops and also around the fact it is female-led. Our friends and family all came together to help us get ready to open.

The Leader:

"The shop has truly been transformed and I hope we have added a bit of love and attention it so desperately needed! Externally, it is shiny, colourful and welcoming and really adds a dash of fun to the high street."

The women might be long-life friends but their designs are polar opposite with Sophie, 35, bringing the bright colours and Jessica offering a moody and dark alternative.

Together, their dream is to combine their two personalities inside the store making the sun and moon, night and day.


Jessica continues: "Lots of people stop and have a look at our window display. We look forward to welcoming people through December where you can find thoughtful, unique and unusual gifts and clothing.

"We will also start doing workshops through December so keep an eye on our social media pages for more information on this."

The store is yet to confirm its official opening hours but all updates will be available on their Facebook page.