WREXHAM MP Sarah Atherton has blasted the council for "overt politicisation" after she wasn't formerly invited to the Armistice Day service. 

Mrs Atherton has publicised a letter she sent to Wrexham Council's chief executive Ian Bancroft following the service held on Saturday (November 11). 

She said, whilst being invited to attend as a member of the public, she hadn't been formerly invited to attend as the area's Member of Parliament. 

Mrs Atherton said she was writing to complain "in the strongest possible terms" over the matter and said it was "incredibly disappointing" that Labour's Senedd Members formed part of the mayor's party. 

She said: "As an ex-regular soldier, veteran, former UK Government Defence Minister and current member of the Defence Select Committee, I have continuously worked hard to improve Wrexham's military footprint, with some success. 

"It is therefore frankly insulting to the people of Wrexham that Wrexham Council chose to play politics on Armistice Day by inviting members of one party and exclude the city's Member of Parliament. 


"A number of veterans and veterans associations noticed that their MP was not formerly included in Saturday's ceremony and have made their feelings of embarrassment and disapproval known."

Mrs Atherton said she was highlighting the "overt politicisation" of Wrexham Council - which is led by a coalition of independents and Conservatives. 

"In the run-up to a general election, the people of Wrexham deserve their elected representatives to be treated fairly," she said, "and for the council to adopt a more inclusive approach."

"Wrexham has come so far over the past few years and, for many different reasons, is now on the national and international stage. This has only been achieved by our community working in partnership and putting politics aside for the betterment of Wrexham. This is an approach I have adopted since my election, and we have all seen the collective positive results for ourselves.

"Sadly, this weekend has clearly shown that Wrexham Council is stuck in the past and adopted an insular and partisan approach. It is a shame to see that the council fails to see how their actions hold Wrexham back and disrespect large sections of our community."


A member of the public, who attended the Armistice Day service, told The Leader: "We were pleasantly surprised by the large number of participants, both civilian and veterans. We thought it very solemn and dignified, the only thing that marred proceedings was the shameful omission by the council to invite the MP for Wrexham.

"However it was noticeable that Labour Senedd members were invited and took part in the ceremony. Many veterans approached Sarah Atherton to express their disappointment and embarrassment at the situation as she is a veteran herself."

A spokesperson for Wrexham Council said: “We’ve received the letter and will investigate the complaint made.”