HARTLEPOOL FC'S owner has revealed that Wrexham's star owners nearly bought the club a few years back.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have already taken the Reds on an incredible journey since taking over in February 2021.

The club ended a 15-year wait to return to the English Football League (EFL) by winning the National League last season.

And, the hugely successful Welcome to Wrexham documentary has only added to the club's success both on and off the field.

But, it seems that things could have been very different had Hartlepool FC had their way, according to chairman Raj Singh.

In the matchday programme for their latest match, he revealed that he responded to claims that he forced Rob and Ryan elsewhere with his high demands.

The club, currently 13th in the National League table, is still on the lookout for a new owner.

Mr Singh said: "On Wednesday I released a statement to give our supporters an update on the sale of the club. It was really disappointing to hear some of the comments from some of our so-called fans, although not unexpected.

"I have been accused of putting a high asking price on the club and told that I should have sold the club to the Americans a couple of years ago when I had the chance.

"Wrexham was always their first choice and they were keeping their options open by talking to other clubs like ourselves. At the time, I asked for half-a-million initial payment for the club.

“If recent reports are to be believed, Wrexham had a deal agreed for a similar amount for Luke Armstrong. So you mean to tell me that they wouldn’t have paid that amount if they really wanted to buy Hartlepool United? The reality is there isn’t a queue of people out on Clarence Road to take over the club, just as there wasn’t one six years ago.


"Having said all of that, I’m still trying to run the club to the best of my ability with the resources at our disposal. All teams go through bad patches during the season. I believe we’ve got a manager who is tried and tested in these situations and will steer us clear.

"We all need to keep supporting the manager and the team and hopefully things will turn around sometime soon.”

The takeover by Ryan and Rob has led to a number of other celebrities being rumoured to buy football clubs.

Former footballer Michael Owen recently revealed he nearly bought Chester FC due to the 'buzz' in Wrexham.

Meanwhile, that same 'buzz' at Wrexham has seen several famous faces come in through the STok Cae Ras gates of late.

Those include Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Hugh Jackman to name just three.

Hartlepool FC has said that chairman Mr Singh has 'met with representatives' from the Supporters Trust on October 31 to 'explore immediate options available' whilst also 'safeguarding the future of the club'. 

A statement added: "Discussions were held around the Trust engaging with other fans groups and local investors to take a share or control of the Club, with the Chairman still assisting and funding losses in the short-term. 

"It was agreed that the Trust would make necessary enquiries, liaise with other supporter groups and come back with further information and proposals in the coming weeks. A further update will be provided in due course."