THE WREXHAM Miners Project has announced a new charity patron on its 110th anniversary.

Wrexham AFC's Executive Director Humphrey Ker has been announced as a lifelong charity patron for the Wrexham Miners Project.

Wednesday, (November 1) was an incredibly exciting day for the Wrexham charity which not only celebrated its 110th anniversary, but was also joined by Humphrey Ker, its new charity patron.

Humphrey expressed his enthusiasm to bring the Wrexham AFC and mining community closer while discussing the importance of supporting local charities during difficult times.

The Wrexham Miners Project is a community-led initiative to restore and repurpose a history and landmark while making a positive difference to the lives of local residents. Further information can be found on its website.

Humphrey said: "I'm delighted to be here. It's such a great honour to come in and be welcomed by the community in the way that I have been.

The Leader: Humphrey with Keith and Michael Hett (Declan Swans) after being awarded with a miners lantern.Humphrey with Keith and Michael Hett (Declan Swans) after being awarded with a miners lantern. (Image: Megan Donoher)

"To use the interest in the football club and documentary to bring attention to the charity and all of the wonderful things they achieve is a great honour.

"The Miners Project is a living part of the heritage of Wrexham being a centre for the rescue and training of miners. It's now transformed into a community hub offering support and experiences."

As part of his visit, Humphrey met Keith Hett, 86, a former miner.

The charity, which is situated on Maesgwyn Road just opposite the Racecourse, is appealing for support through vital donations and volunteers to keep the building going. 

Due to neglect and financial constraints, the building is in need of significant refurbishment.

Charity founder George Powell took on the task in 2014 to restore the Grade Two listed building.

His campaign to save the charity is attracting vital support from locals and beyond.

Humphrey appealed to residents and small businesses to donate, give their time, organise charity collaboration days or simply pop into their Rescue Cafe to show support.

He is eager to get to work and support the charity and Wrexham community however he can.