MICHAEL Owen has revealed that he previously 'had a good think about' buying Chester Football Club.

Just over the border in Wrexham, the Reds are currently enjoying a golden spell, having ended 15 years of hurt to return to the English Football League just last season.

That level of success has come, largely, due to the time and money invested into the club by Hollywood actor duo Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

The pair have taken the club on an incredible journey to date and signed some superstar players like Paul Mullin along the way too, as well as showcasing Wrexham to the world through the Welcome to Wrexham documentary.

But, Chester could well have been enjoying something similar had Owen decided to carry out his plan to buy a football club.

The former Liverpool, Real Madrid and England forward - who attended Rector Drew Primary School in Hawarden as a child - says the 'incredible buzz' at Wrexham almost persuaded him to buy their bitter rivals.

Speaking to DAZN Betting, he said: "I did consider buying a football club a while ago, I had a good think about it. Chester FC are my local team, it's where I was born and where I live. And of course you see Chester who, in my eyes, are big rivals with Wrexham FC in a nip and tuck situation."

Owen added: "I live around 15 miles from Wrexham and there is an incredible buzz around the local area, and you can't help but look over the fence and say I wish Chester had this buzz. I have looked at the potential in the past.

"Chester FC is a fan-run club now, so I don't know what challenges that would pose, but it was a thing that I looked at a couple of years ago and I haven't re-looked at it since. But of course you're burning money, really, at that level a lot of the time.


"I haven't got the money to be losing a million every year which probably is what these clubs do. So obviously I'd need help. But anyway it's something I did look at with a few people a few years ago but is not something I haven't looked at since."‌

Owen said: "I would only consider buying a club if the right opportunity came along. Football is what I know, it's my passion. I have built my life now to the extent that, really, I don't need anything more in it.

"If anything I wish I had a few more days off. If something like that came, something else would have to go. But really I like doing the TV work, I am certainly not going to give up my horse racing business.

"And obviously I have four kids and I want to enjoy my life. At the moment I love doing my TV work, but you never know what will happen in the future."